Trump’s “base” obsession could be a self inflicted wound

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Well, it’s 12:15 PST, so of course a new deposition transcript just came out. And like all of the others, it’s chock-a-block full of damaging stuff. The Democrats are playing this masterfully, releasing a couple a day to keep the media occupied during the House’s week off, knowing they’ll dominate an otherwise somnolent news week in Washington, and they’re releasing them to bolster their order of appearance next week at the open hearings. And it’s working, the Trump shills in the House and Senate are jerking around like electrocution victims, trying to explain away the damage,

I just wrote an article in which I stated that the Republicans are so damn distracted with trying to defend Trump at all costs, that they’re not able to keep their eye on the ultimate prize, which is next November. And as so often seems to happen with me, the process of thinking it all through to put it on paper, so to speak, unlocked another revelation in my mind.

Since the day Trump rattled and clanked his way down that schlock gilt escalator on 5th Avenue to befoul our body politic, he has been all over the map on almost every issue. But he has been monolithic in on respect, and one respect only, and that is on the subject of his base. No matter what ills befell him on the trail, his responses were tailored exclusively to his base. And as we all saw, with a little help from his friends in Moscow, it was just enough to slip through.

And this devotion has ever wavered. Since inauguration day, Trump alone among all previous presidents, has never swung one inch back towards the middle to attract new voters to enlarge his base in order to make reelection easier., In fact, the exact opposite has occurred. Trump has embarked on policies and strategies that have steadily riven away the very “soft” support that put him over the top in the first place, to keep his base properly sated.

It is still occurring. In the Mueller investigation, he didn’t make any serious effort to actually refute the accusations and evidence against him, instead he fed his vapid base a never ending stream of far right drivel, about “angry Democrats,” and the “deep state.” And he continues to do it today, in the Ukraine scandal, stupidly attacking a process that has been more open, fair, and structured than any before it, as well as continuing to spin out ridiculous conspiracy theories for the base. And it’s going to kill him next November.

I wrote in my earlier article that more and more people are interested in this scandal, and they want the impeachment inquiry to continue. And even more are going to become interested and engaged as they are force fed the open hearings that will take place on a regularly scheduled basis over the coming wees.

Let’s be honest, shall we? In the upcoming impeachment, there is a base on the left that wants to see Trump impeached and removed more than they want to see a winning power ball lottery ticket in their wallet. And there is an equal base on the right who would support Trump to the death, even if he signed a full confession on prime time television. And you know what? They don’t mean jack shit, forget about them.

Because there is a wide swath in the middle out there that are the ones who are getting interested, independents and “soft” voters on both sides. The “Impeach Trump” Democrats and the “Never Trumper’s” have been interested since day one. And the shambling Trombies on the right couldn’t care less, and haven’t since the beginning, they follow the Cheeto Prophet.

It’s that swath of “interested,” non committed  voters that are up for grabs out there. And they’re not interested in guilt building hyperbole, nor are they interested in phantasmagorical fantasies and tin foil hat bullshit, they want facts. And facts are exactly what the Democrats, through these witnesses are going to give them. And Trump is going to give them nothing but fir right wing conspiratorial bullshit, which is why they weren’t Trombies in the first place.

And worse yet for the GOP writ large, it isn’t just Trump. Since day one in office, Trump has demanded blind, total loyalty from the GOP caucus, and for short term gain, they sold their souls to the devil. And guess what? The check just got laid on the table. GOP incumbents are going to have no choice going forward but to parrot Trump’s “Polly wanna cracker” bullshit. Only now, actual voters, including some they’re going to need to get reelected, are watching and listening. And as the Democrats in Kentucky proved on Tuesday night, if you pump up da noyz enough in the cities and suburbs, you can successfully counter the GOP’s advantage in the more sparsely populated rural areas.

And one more canary-in-the-coal-mine that the Republicans should be scared shitless about. In Kentucky, incumbent Matt Bevin did everything except admit to being Rudy Ghouliani’s bag man to inject Trump’s impeachment troubles into that election. He even ran TV ads screeching about how the “socialists in Washington” were trying to overturn the will of the people in 2016. And ya know what? It didn’t fucking work! The cities and suburbs cranked out votes at near historic levels, and even worse, Bevin under performed significantly in the east and west “coal country” that both Trump and McConnell are going to need in 2020 to survive. So, if Kentucky is an early bellweather, Trump’s hopes that his impending impeachment would rally the troops, he may be miscalculating.

So watch the testimony, as if you had a choice, and watch the polls in the weeks to come. Since Trump has been riding his most die hard, wild eyed base for quite a while now, you may not see his popularity numbers go down very much, but if you start to see approval for impeachment and removal go up, and if GOP incumbents other than Trump start to get in trouble, and if Democratic presidential candidates in head-to-head polls start to pull away, then the GOP’s worst nightmare may be about to come true. And if it does, they’ll owe it all to Trump’s base. A fitting ending.

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The republitards know that after next week this stuff is going to get really really bad for them, but the question is will they still ride that speeding locomotive to the wreck or do they get off at the next stop, we’ll soon see


They are all for you until they are not.


The facts don’t matter to tRump followers and unless those facts are on Faux news they won’t hear them either.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well that’s a reason for the witch doctor, preacher wannabe he has lurking in the walls of the White House. And one thing to watch is if his minions start to fall. Because these snowflakes he’s surrounded himself with will roll like dice at a Saturday night crap game. Case in point Sondland. He got a whiff of what’s going on and couldn’t get back to the table fast enough.