Trump’s approval rating may be headed toward shutdown territory

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Donald Trump’s approval rating in recent polls is hitting some of its lowest marks of the year and appears to be sliding ever closer to his lowest point in 2019 during the government shutdown in January. FiveThirtyEight’s aggregate of polls put Trump at 40.6% approval late Thursday with what appeared to be a continued downward trajectory. Trump bottomed out this year in the aggregation of polls at 39.3% on Jan. 25.

FiveThirtyEight aggregate polling showing that Trump

Something to pay attention to as more polling on Trump’s impeachment and approval continues to come out is where independents come down on the matter of Trump’s approval rating. Quinnipiac’s latest poll, for instance, showed Trump’s overall approval rating falling to 38% (with 58% disapproving), the first time he’s been below 40% approval in the Q poll since the impeachment inquiry began. It was a big tumble since last week when Trump was at 41% approve, 54% disapprove. But Trump’s new low included a 64% disapproval rating among independents (with just 29% approving), which was a 10% drop from last week’s Q poll. Losing nearly two-thirds of independents is trouble territory for Trump.

Crosstabs on Trump

And while Trump is still above 80% approval with Republicans, that’s a number to watch as well. Last week, he stood at 88% approval with Republicans; this week, he dropped to 83% approval. If Trump starts dipping into the low-70s among Republicans, watch out.

As journalist Jacob Weisberg noted Thursday on MSNBC, Senate Republicans have no actual “loyalty” to Trump. “What there is, is self-interest and fear,” he explained. But if Trump were to suddenly become an electoral liability to them, they wouldn’t think twice about throwing him to the wolves because few if any of them actually like Trump.

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Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

Will Moscow Mitch be able to hold the Senate together?


Albert Einstein said two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity. And yet he was not so sure about the Universe… Once more, a theory of Einstein proves to be absolutely true : knowing all they should know about Trump, 40.6 % of Americans, and 83% of Republicans demonstrate that they are infinitely stupid. The question is : forever ? Hopefully not…