Trump’s Approach to Governing? A Utah man nails it accurately!

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January 25, 2019 the Salt Lake Tribune published this article:

Longest shutdown over: Trump signs bill to reopen government

So far there have been about 150 comments made by SL Tribune readers; this comment s one of the best I have seen so far:

“Trump’s approach to governing seems to be, essentially:

1) Take a dump on the carpet
2) Complain loudly that there is a turd on the carpet
3) Blame the turd on everyone but him
4) Demand someone else clean up the turd
5) Smear the turd around
6) Say he cleaned up the turd better than anyone else could have
7) Declare victory

And somehow, 35% of the country still thinks he’s great because Obama never took a dump on the carpet.”

Credit for this great comment goes to George Romero of Salt Lake City, Utah

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4 Comments on "Trump’s Approach to Governing? A Utah man nails it accurately!"

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trump IS the turd.

Impeach trump
Impeach trump

Yes while that is funny …and it is…Our Country is going to Hell an nothing is being done-the RNC supports the turd 100% an is trying to prevent anyone from opposing the 💩-he is rising to power like Hitler did and the senile old men clinging to the dying Pub Party doesn’t seem to notice or care…..


It time that something is being done about getting rid of the scum of the earth. Also McCOnnel is scrum too in Trumps swamp. He is also to blame for the shutown. They all belong behind bars for screwing the people of this country.

Michael owens
Michael owens

Elli, i cant believe hes still in power. There are documents he commited numerous crimes.. half of them on national television. Why why why is the Idiot still in the white house.. doesn’t anyone have any balls ???? Apart from Nancy