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The latest version of Donald Trump’s advisers trying to make him look presidential by keeping him from doing too much public ranting has arrived: They want him to wait to start doing campaign rallies, at least until a clear Democratic front-runner emerges.

While Trump revels in standing in front of thousands of adoring fans chanting “Lock her up” as he once again shatters his own lies-per-speech record, Politico reports that “Trump’s Republican allies and campaign officials believe an early reelection strategy built around his role as chief executive in dignified settings like the Oval Office and the Rose Garden will carry more weight with voters.” Please. Like the man can’t be an unhinged liar in the Rose Garden as well as he can anywhere else.

Top Republicans also want Trump to focus on fundraising from big donors, and there they have a good shot at success, since that can mean attending events at his own properties, such as Mar-a-Lago, where he’ll appear at a fundraising breakfast on Sunday. Combining the ability to spend time where he’s most comfortable while calling it work with having his properties get paid to host has to be an appealing deal for Trump.

Still, his especially unhinged appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference is a reminder of how much Trump needs an audience. If advisers keep holding him back, by the time he’s allowed to hold a rally he may actually start foaming at the mouth and howling at the moon.

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  1. He is unhinged…ready to be committed to a hospital for the mentally challenged.
    His disgorged, disingenuous, diabolical, diatribes deepen daily.

  2. What could he possibly do in the intervening period. Being “president” seems a task waay beyond his abilities, or interest.

    • He can start a war in the middle east. He can further destroy the economies of the USA and there former allies. Destroy the environment further than he has done already!!!!!… thats what he can do


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