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Donald Trump is officially the worst president ever as if we needed more proof.  First, on Friday, his longtime friend and former campaign operative Roger Stone gets dragged away in pajamas by armed FBI agents who haven’t been paid in a month, due to Trump’s government shutdown.

Trump’s lawyer is then forced to explain that an indictment chock-full of examples of collusion to steal the 2016 election is no biggie because it doesn’t “allege Russian collusion.”

The Stone bombshell then completely overshadows a hearing in which former Trump campaign chair and convicted felon Paul Manafort heads to federal court in Washington, where prosecutors were due to provide proof that he violated his plea agreement by lying to them. In any other administration, Manafort would be garnering wall-to-wall coverage, but not in the Trump administration.

Instead, the wall-to-wall Stone coverage, which is drowning out the Manafort developments, is interrupted by news that the FAA is grounding planes at major airports due to a lack of air traffic controllers because of Trump’s shutdown. Don’t worry—the White House is “monitoring” the situation.

In any other administration, the FAA grounding planes and disrupting air travel across the country would be getting wall-to-wall coverage. But not in the Trump administration. Instead, coverage is focused on a Florida courthouse, where Stone is headed for processing. In any other administration, the Stone hearing would be getting wall-to-wall coverage. But not in the Trump administration.

There’s an ongoing shutdown, presided over by Trump, that’s grounding planes—and no one seems to know how to end it. Because no one even knows what Trump wants or is willing to sign to end it, not even Trump golf buddy Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Unbelievable. Only Trump could steal the spotlight away from his own misdeeds and incompetence multiple times in one day. FBI raids, arrests, collusion, conspiracy, obstruction, court activity, perjury, flight interruptions, shutdown, disarray, and disillusionment—all wrapped up in one jam-packed Friday morning, courtesy of Trump, officially the worst president in history. BRB—time for a second cup of coffee.

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  1. Illegal squatter-in-chief was the worst ever before he even infected the White House! They’ll need to fumigate it before the next REAL president takes up residence in January 2021!

  2. The Republican leadership in Washington shouldn’t wait on what Comrade Puppet wants to do. They should have been checking his baser instincts way before now. They should tell him what was decided by the group working on it & tell him that if he doesn’t sign they will override the veto & further embarrass & weaken him. They should have been moving him toward smart technology all along.


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