Trump’s A Broken Record, We’re Back To The ’13 Angry Democrats’ Now ‘Illegally Leaking’

AUGUST 1, 2016 COLUMBUS, OHIO: The face of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is seen through the view finder of a TV camera as he speaks to a crowd during a town hall event on August 1, 2016 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Ty Wright/The New York Times

Well, this didn’t take long. A few short weeks ago, for a few brief moments, Robert Mueller was deemed by Trump to be an “honorable man.” Now, he’s back to heading up a team of Trump haters and angry democrats.

One thing that Trump doesn’t understand at all, is that the words “anonymous source” doesn’t mean that the source is unknown to the media outlet. It merely means that the source chooses to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the subject being discussed. Media outlets know their sources, that situation is as old as the hills and twice as dusty. But Trump seems to have “anonymous” in this context confused with people who call the cops anonymously to report a crime. What he does not know about how the world works would fill the Encyclopedia Galactica.

And of course, the question is begged: What’s the problem? If Trump is fully exonerated as claimed, then that will surely be revealed, will it not, when the report is finally disseminated? Of course you know the answer to that. If the Mueller report did, in fact, fully exonerate Trump, it would be published in full right now, no redactions, and Sean Hannity would be quoting from it every day. It would be the new Republican Bible.

Trump’s scared to death. He knows what he did and he knows where this is going, despite William Barr’s whitewash. Oh, well, the exoneration fantasy was nice while it lasted, right? Barr will do his damnedest to keep as much secret for as long as possible, but it won’t last forever. All that Barr is accomplishing by protecting Trump is the ruination of his own reputation.


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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

The entire GOP party has been tainted, ruined and stench stained by Trump, and his lying scumbag carpetbagging snake oil salesmen. If it’s a “wall” even a full set of 4, I’ll donate and fully support it, but it has to be in Sing Sing!

Michael owens
Michael owens

Couldnt agree more LW.