As I write this, it’s almost sunset here in Charlotte—and Joe Biden is still president. This is yet another reason to point and laugh at the rabidly pro-Trump “prophets” who insisted that Trump really had won the election, and that God was going to find a way to put his chosen one back in the White House.

But sometimes, these so-called men and women of God have done and said things that definitely aren’t a laughing matter. We already saw one example, when Johnny Enlow called for a military coup after SCOTUS swatted away the Trump campaign’s 11th-hour efforts to challenge election results. Well, the folks at Right Wing Watch stumbled on another: Kat Kerr, a Jacksonville-based “prophetess.” When she isn’t trying to stop hurricanes and wildfires, Kerr is preaching the gospel of Trump with a devotion that makes another blonde general in the Trumpvangelical army, Paula White, look sane.

For instance, Kerr once claimed that the 2018 elections were a red tsunami. Hmmm, strange considering Repubs LOST 40 seats. She also proclaimed that God was going to ensure 24 years of Republicans in the White House—two terms for Trump, two for Pence, and two more for Pence’s vice president. Um, Kat? You came up 20 years short.

But there was nothing funny about a clip the folks at Right Wing Watch dug up Wednesday.

During a recent speaking engagement, Kerr declared that Trump had enough evidence to not only ensure his return to office, but ensure that his foes die for their supposed misdeeds. Watch here.


Kerr told her audience that “justice” was in the offing, despite the courts turning a deaf ear to Trump’s election challenges. She claimed that Trump had been “very busy behind the scenes,” and with the help of a lot of “smart people,” he’d amassed enough evidence to not only ensure his return to office, but that those who supposedly helped Biden steal the election would either go to prison “or be shot for treason.”

Now who would allow Kerr to deliver what can only be described as a stochastic terrorist message? Well, a quick check of Kerr’s Facebook revealed this message was delivered on Feb. 28 at Yeshua House of Prayer in Raphine, Virginia.

It says a lot about this church that nobody shut Kerr down when she suggested those who supposedly “stole” victory from Trump might get shot. And it says a lot about Kerr that this video is still up. At the very least, it’s grossly irresponsible, given the very real threats that have flown around in the last few days amid the rumors that Trump would return to office on March 4.

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