This is scary. Trump mocks someone in custody saying, “I can’t breathe.”

I hope everybody in America gets a chance to see this. Trump has always given permission to the baser elements of our society to act out. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing the spike of hate crimes and racial murders that we’ve seen.

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  1. Imperial wizard, no hood, no mask. His supporters are more vile than he is. They are all disgusting and disgraceful. Our country is forever stained because of him and supporters.

  2. There’s no question in my mind , Trump’s become
    completely unhinged. Obviously his family ,
    and handlers are aware of this , but they are powerless to stop him . They now realize they’ve created a monster,
    and (nursed) this VIPER TO THEIR BOSOMS,
    , and he’s killing their party , but they’re
    powerless to stop him .
    He’s like a man on a ledge they can’t reach ! .
    They can’t help him if he wants to jump .
    Trump’s jumping!


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