Trump Wrongly Warns Alabama, Then Rips Weather Service, Media


There is a lesson here somewhere, a statement as to where the country stands right now under the “leadership” of Donald Trump.


On Saturday, Trump falsely stated that Dorian would likely impact Alabama much worse than previously thought.

Not a big deal. It is a dynamic situation, lots of people rushing and worrying. So what? A guy makes a mistake with the best intentions. Happens all the time, right?

Except that people in Alabama who, evidently, only get their news from Trump, started to fear the hurricane when they need not have. The hurricane was not threatening Alabama.

So, of course, clear up the mistake, right? The National Weather Service in Birmingham rightfully issues an accurate statement, so that there is no confusion, everyone has the right information.

Great. That is the way things are supposed to work. The president makes a mistake that most decent people will simply give him a pass on, it gets cleared up by experts. Not a big deal. With me?

Except Trump doesn’t like being corrected, and because his only tool is a hammer, Trump pounded on the nail he knows, blaming the media?  In perhaps Trump’s most pathetic tweet yet, he stated:

He was rightly fact-checked by his own government, after being provably wrong, and then blames the media for … I am not sure what.

That did it.

The world was not impressed:


And more, a great example of how not to be gas-lighted.

Is any of this a huge deal? No, but that is sort of the point. It is not in any way shape or form a big deal for the president to wrongly name a state such as he did, it happens. We would like to hope that the president’s tweets would get enough of a fact check that it doesn’t happen, but set that aside. No one is blasting Trump for the original mistake.

It is the reaction.

A grown-up president, who learns of his mistake, leaps up to thank the NWS in Birmingham: “I sincerely appreciate the clarification issues by the NWS in Birmingham. I will keep my attention on the coastal states of Florida, Georgia, and Carolinas, God Bless you all, and protect yourselves.”

Presidenting is so easy that even I can do it.

Thankfully, this little matter didn’t hurt anyone. But it is highly illuminating. The man will not admit to an error, even when it was entirely understandable. So, watch his denials about things that do matter, knowing two things.

  1. He will never admit anything negative.
  2. See number one, even if it requires denying his own tweet.


Peace, y’all.

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Trump is an unmitigated idiot.

Calm Down
Calm Down

Such a medical anomoly..being that sick, yet not having a temperature above 109..

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Someone better let this clown know he is not God. He has no control over anything, especially his stupidity. To prove he’s not God, I want to see him walk on water. He couldn’t because his fat a$$ would sink to the bottom.