Trump would never ‘go around’ U.S. law—but is trying to go around U.S. law, says Sarah Sanders

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The White House appears to be worried enough about Donald Trump’s new baseline of erratic, lunacy-infused declarations this week to dispatch not one, but both of the administration’s most practiced liars to blow smoke up the collective American behind. Why the Sunday shows still feel that Part-Time White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Person With Inexplicable Role Kellyanne Conway are still worthy of airtime remains an open question, and both filled their airtime with snide, shallow insults and vapid non-responses that rendered their appearances absolutely pointless. The purpose of the Sunday shows was never journalism, to be sure, but their past role as spigots for the powerful to dispense the week’s preferred propaganda has never looked as awkward as when it is mustered for the sake of the current dimwitted autocrat.

Sanders’ primary mission was to belittle reports that Trump either jokingly or non-jokingly offered Customs and Border Protection head Kevin McAleenan a pardon if McAleenan violated U.S. law by closing off the southern border to migrants and asylum seekers. This was couched heavily in denials that Trump had done anything illegal, no doubt because Sanders herself suspects that Trump’s blanket denial such a conversation happened is a likely non-starter, but she hedged on both.

“Look George, I don’t know about you, but CNN isn’t usually my first stop for a good source, particularly not when it comes to this president,” Sanders said Sunday, adding that Trump “is actually trying to enforce laws, not go around them.”

And if you want to know how long Sanders’ instance that President Racist was most certainly not trying to “go around” American laws would last, the answer is: Exactly one question. Because asked about one of the other multiple scandals of the week, Trump’s now-embraced plan to ship asylum-seekers directly to “sanctuary” cities in a particularly baffling attempt at spite, she made the exact opposite point, . Pressed on the illegality of the effort as determined by the Department of Homeland Security itself, Sanders asserted to host Stephanopoulos that Trump “likes the idea” and so the White House is now doing an “extensive” review to see if there are “options that make it possible.”

“Well we’re looking to see if there are options that make it possible, and doing a full and thorough and extensive review. The president likes the idea, and …”

So Supreme Leader Biff would never attempt to “go around” United States law when comes to his white nationalist agenda, but his staff is “extensively” researching “options” to “make it possible” to go around United States law in pursuit of the same. Got it.

And that is why it is absolutely pointless to get a quote from Sarah Huckabee Sanders on anything, ever, for any reason. Absolutely. Pointless. Not a stitch of it can hold up past the end of her next breath.

In the safer confines of Fox News, Sanders also had snide insults of Congress lined up, defending administration efforts to defy both Congress and the law with an assertion that she didn’t think “this group of congressmen and women are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages” of Trump’s still-hidden taxes even if they got them. Oh—as for Kellyanne Conway, her performance was so insulting and asinine that it doesn’t even deserve comment. The end.

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Sarah Sanders is a lying b>>>>>as well as Kellyanne Conway. They should both be locked up for telling untruths and stand by our lying illegitimate president.