We were supposed to hear a slew of pre-Christmas pardons today, so either Trumpa Claus will bestow all that later, or he might just stay in the residence and sulk. In any event, boys and girls of all ages, you will love this:

Now we can assume this is straight out of the Marvel universe, Guardians of the Galaxy, or we can go to Star Trek and we have the Guardians of Forever and also the Guardians of the Xindi Council. The Guardians of Forever are the disincarnate voice in City On The Edge Of Forever, you remember the rock formation that Dr. McCoy runs into when he’s inadvertently strung out on drugs, and it’s a time tunnel? And then the Guardians of the Xindi Council are a group of extra-dimensional beings with malevolent purpose — and frankly, I’ve wondered if maybe Donald Trump isn’t something like that himself. I think the other extra-dimensional beings might have sent him here because they didn’t want him for a neighbor anymore, like New York and Florida.

But, Hand to God, Mike Pence got up at the podium and announced this with a straight face.

Doesn’t “guardian” sound a little pretentious for a soldier? And doesn’t it have a bit of religious/fascist cachet, or does it just seem that way to me? “I am a Guardian, 2nd Class, and I know what’s best for you. We will be taking over your home and if you protest, we’ll zap you into oblivion.” A “guardian” is someone who takes care of you, by definition. Since when are our soldiers and sailors caretakers?

That’s my take on it as well. This is absurdity. Trump just wanted to look cool by creating a separate branch of the armed services and it’s pure idiocy so far. Nobody is more on board for space exploration than I am, but this is just nuts. Space Force should remain part of the Air Force. When it’s time for that group of people within the Air Force to expand and morph into something else, we’ll know it. That time is not now. That’s why this is so stupid.

Plus, I would love it if Marvel, Disney, Stan Lee’s estate, somebody sues Trump for copyright infringement, but probably that won’t happen.


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  1. My deceased Father was an Air Force retired Major that flew all the B bombers in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam. I am sure he is turning in his grave of embarrassment!! I am so embarrassed for this country and the people who voted Trump into office! The Air Force is the space force! What a stupid non-leader we have.

  2. Guardians in science fiction are generally ominous beings who on the service appear as benevolent but are really sinister and control everything.

  3. That’s what I was thinking when I first read that. Like isn’t that the name of those guys on like Saturday morning cartoons.


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