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Trump employees not only knew the immigrants they hired to work at Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf club were undocumented, an attorney for one of the women told MSNBC’s Alex Witt this past weekend, but that “at least two of them have said that false documents were provided by someone in the Trump Organization.”

“You’re saying that the Trump Organization, according to your client, provided these women with the false documents?” an astounded Witt asked attorney Anibal Romero, who is representing Trump housekeeper Victorina Morales, who worked at the resort for five years and in close proximity to the president. “Yes, that is something I think has not been covered quite extensively, but yes,” he replied.

Romero said that in case of Morales and Sandra Diaz, “someone from inside the Trump Organization helped them obtain these documents.” In Diaz’s case, “she was only required to provide two pictures, and they would get the documents for her. Once the documents were given to her, she was supposed to hand them over to a supervisor, and was told to never talk about that incident again.”

Trump employees were even more brazen when it came to Morales. “In the case of Vicky,” Romero continued, “her picture for her green card was taken inside of the golf club, at the laundry, and the next day she was taken to a small town next to the golf club to pick up those documents.” Romero said that immigrant employees were physically abused—Morales three times by her direct supervisor—and “threatened with deportation” by Trump management.

Despite the threats, Morales has bravely said that she stands by her decision to tell her story because she is standing up for her fellow workers. “We need to come out and defend ourselves,” she said. “I had enough with suffering.” Since the blockbuster revelations of abuse and brazen employment practices, leading advocates have called for a full investigation into the Trump Organization.

“The number of undocumented immigrants alleging they were recruited, hired and abused by the Trump organization at the Bedminster Club has grown and is likely growing,” said leading immigration attorney David Leopold. “These allegations smack of a pattern and practice of criminal activity and civil violations by the Trump organization.”

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should definitely look into this as soon as possible,” Romero continued. “Remember, we believe there are more workers inside of the golf club, and this is the same story every worker will probably share, that they were working there, that is was a toxic environment, that some of them may have been threatened with deportation, these are elements of federal crimes that need to be investigated.”

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