Trump Will Get Clobbered In 2020 If You Translate Current Approval Numbers To Electoral Votes


Here are a few images to warm your heart. These show Trump’s approval numbers in all 50 states translated to electoral votes.

As you see, there has been a steady progression towards Trump losing in just the past few weeks. Now, before you start jumping up and down, and putting champagne on ice, bear in mind a couple of key points: 1. The map shows both Texas and Utah flipping blue. Before you believe that that is the case, I would be sure to check the weather report in Hell; 2. Counting on Florida to vote Democratic is a fool’s game. You’ll do better at roulette; 3. The poll cited is Civiqs, which is Markos’ poll. Markos also predicted that Hillary had a 95% chance of winning. Remember staring at that banner for months? It made a believer out of me and then election night I was harshly disabused of the notion, shall we say?

Now, I want to make it clear, I’m not taking a cheap shot at Markos. I was thrown off of his site for reasons best known to him and so be it. I merely point out some cold hard facts: 1. Don’t depend on Texas turning blue. That is the perennial Democratic wet dream and I’ve had it myself. 2. Utah is even more unlikely. Wave at the pigs going by your upstairs windows when that happens. Not to say it can’t, and nobody would love to see it more than me. Just remember that caveat emptor is always a good policy, especially in a political landscape that makes Alice in Wonderland look unremarkable. The dead last thing that we can afford to do as Democrats is believe that the election is in the bag — remember where that got us before?


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My advice for what it’s worth regarding the polls and the election. Whatever you do, do not trust the polls, remember the last time you trusted the polls, and here we are. Sure, look at them and dream, what if they are right ?. but don’t put any real stock in them because you will be sorry. The democrats just need to keep the accelerator flat to the floor towards the next election, an not worry about the stats. Besides the way Trump is behaving, I would not be at all surprised if he sabotaged himself with all the weird… Read more »