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In another spasm of post-midterms pique, the Trump White House has reportedly suspended the White House press credentials of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta and barred him from the White House grounds.

The move follows a heated exchange between Acosta and an angry Trump at today’s White House press conference. According to a tweeted statement from press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the stated rationale is that Acosta “plac[ed] his hands” on a White House intern who was trying to take the microphone; live video of the event clearly shows that to be a flat-out lie. It was the intern who initiated contact by grabbing several times at Acosta’s arm; other than retaining control of the microphone, he made no other motions.

Undeterred by the reality that all the rest of us saw, however, Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes for the lie because that is what she has become famous for, in this administration–lying, because she is a liar.

There is no word on how long the “suspension” will last.

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  1. As I’ve written elsewhere, these journalists need to support each other, and boycott these meaningless “press briefings”, which are filled with lies, delivered by garbage. Better Twitter comments suggest that these journalist colleagues/cadres need to repeatedly ask the same question when Orange Utan gives a bullshit answer. Similarly to SH Sanders. Enough, People! The tide is turning.

    This was a “Ceausescu” moment. It’s now downhill for this aberration of a president/cy.

    When the bully shouts “you’re rude”, give him as good. He’s a F*cking lying sack of Sh*t, and deserves absolutely no respect, as he absolutely does not respect the office of the presidency. Treat him like the gangsta he really is.


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