Andrew Dallos / Flickr At the Donald Trump press conference...
Andrew Dallos / Flickr

Donald Trump’s “child within” who runs him and the entire show all the time, because there is no adult version of Trump, of course had to say something about Senator Al Franken and it was as juvenile as one would expect:

Interesting how he can come forward to reproach Franken but when it comes to the pedophile in his own party, his silence continues to speak volumes. Even Kellyanne snapped at Fox & Friends because she can’t spin this positively. As to Huckabee Sanders:

So there goes the ball over the net without Trump hitting it, and it’s all incumbent upon the people of Alabama, because the titular moral leader of the country is morally bankrupt, unfortunately. But then we knew that when he couldn’t denounce the Nazis when they goosestepped and chanted his name, and referred to the KKK as “some wonderful people.” Right.

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