Trump was loudly booed, but Fox and Friends edited the tape so their viewers wouldn’t hear


As reported by Media Matters,…apparently, you can’t believe your ears if you watch Fox and Friends.

The pResident had not attended a single baseball game during his 3 years in office, but decided to make a point of attending game 5 of the World Series — expecting the fans to cheer and adore him as the ‘guy who got Baghdadi.’

As we know, the Nats fans gave the New Yorker a rousing Bronx Cheer and a healthy dose of his own medicine with repeated chants of ‘Lock him Up.’

If you wonder sometimes why his loyal followers remain so steadfastly loyal — given the host of awful things the pResident has done.  It is more understandable if they only watch Fox, where a very different picture and sound of reality is presented to the audience.   When Fox and Friends played a review of Game 5 — including the scene where the smiling and waving pResident and his entourage was introduced to the crowd, they carefully edited out the sound of the chants and the loud sounds of the fans booing Trump and described his reception as ‘mixed’.

I suppose that was true — he was loudly received with a mixture of boos and chants to be locked up.

How will Fox watchers ever be able to understand the basis for impeachment — if the network is willing to similarly skew and manipulate their presentation of the process and the evidence.  A side of Fake Sound to go with an order of Fake News.

No longer able to pretend to be ‘Fair and Balanced’ I’m not sure how to characterize this choice by Fox to edit the soundtrack of their ‘sportscast’ of the pResident at the World Series — but their manipulation of the soundtrack shouldn’t pass without notice.

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I went back to my DVR and rewatched the game and there was no coverage of the mango melon head at all, oh snap I forgot it televised on faux nooz, should’ve known


The next Dem admin must cancel all broadcast licenses of Fox News, they are not a news station but state media and entertainment.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

The sooner FOX is swallowed up in a hole back to hell, the better. Remember in Biblical days, God opened the ground under the wicked.