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Donald Trump’s administration is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on “quality assurance” after U.S. officials said that smugglers had used commercially available power tools going for $100 to slice through his replacement fencing along the southern border—and you can bet your ass that’ll be U.S. taxpayer money, just like the stolen funding he wants for his wall. 

“The US Army Corps of Engineers, which is supervising the construction of the president’s long-promised border wall, will be awarding up to $300 million in contracts to monitor the quality of the wall’s construction along the southern border of the United States, according to a pre-solicitation released Nov. 5,” Quarts reported earlier this month. The tasks include, among other things, ‘analysis of construction contractor claims,’ identifying ‘potential construction issues,’ and “material testing.’”

Oh, there’s plenty of issues here alright, but it’s the fact that a medieval wall doesn’t solve shit when it comes to our broken and unfair immigration system, and that was made pretty clear when officials said that smugglers were cutting through the fencing with just slightly more difficultly than Trump cutting through a ketchup-covered, well-done steak. Breached sections were repaired, officials said, but were again being targeted because the people cutting through knew the areas could again give way.

So, up to $300 million to fix this damned thing, even though the administration claims it was forced to axe things like the successful Family Case Management Program—a detention alternative where 99% of families showed up to their court dates—because of fiscal concerns. In reality, “FCMP cost approximately $38 each day per family unit,” said the Women’s Refugee Commission. What a joke—and this $300 million is a joke we all have to pay for.

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  1. Grumplstiltskin and his vanity wall, what a joke. A 10 year old girl scaled it in 40 seconds. The rope she used probably cost was close to $20 bucks. If he would use his Richard cranium and put that cash toward infrastructure to fixing, I don’t know, anything, that would benefit the majority of the country instead of his dumb ass

  2. Terrorists have been caught on the Canadian border, not the Southern border but there’s no talk of a wall there. Most of the “illegals” came on a Visa & overstayed but nobody is talking about walls around airports. They’re smuggled into the country in all sorts of ways but there’s no talk of shutting down trains, buses, & commercial traffic from country to country. There’s no way to keep desperate people from trying to get in so we need more judges & lawyers to move people through the system & out of detention. trump, Miller, Nielsen, Cuccinelli need to go to jail for crimes against humanity. Colossal waste of money but when private prison corporations can make millions to jail people & give hefty bribes to politicians, (sorry, I meant campaign contributions), we get policies like this. Shameful.

  3. What are we going to do about animals
    migrating (to and from Mexico), after a wall blocks them ?
    It’s a heartless thing to do , but Trumps,
    heart is (only on money) . He has no life
    only money is his GOD , and he will be “smothered “, by it before he’s done !
    300 million dollars, he’s already spent nearly that much on his( golf games).
    So—, Why would he care?


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