Trump Wants To Concede, He Just Doesn’t Want To Say the Word. Seriously.


To concede or not to concede that is the question. And whether ’tis possible to do so without saying that that is what one has done, is going to be the way that Donald Trump actually waltzes out of the White House. Norma Desmond had to believe that she was shooting a scene with Cecil B. DeMille to come down the staircase and out of the house and Trump needs to believe that he’s not conceding to make his own exit — why, he wouldn’t dream of such a thing. Only losers concede, right? But concession, by any other name, still gets the new administration rolling, and that’s sweet enough for us.

Here’s Trump’s latest philosophical musing on Twitter.

This is good. Let’s encourage this thought process. What even got him this far was that today his closest aides told him that he didn’t have to utter that dreadful word, “concede.” Absolutely, Donald, you pursue your cases and Norma will shoot her movie and we’ll all be just fine. New York Times:

Mr. Trump had been resisting any move toward a transition. But in conversations in recent days that intensified Monday morning, top aides — including Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff; Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel; and Jay Sekulow, the president’s personal lawyer — told the president the transition needed to begin. He did not need to say the word “concede,” they told him, according to multiple people briefed on the discussions.

Mr. Trump continued to solicit opinions from associates, including Rudolph W. Giuliani, who told him there were still legal avenues to pursue, the people said.

Oh, there are, Rudy. There are avenues, lanes, freeways, you name it. None of them lead anywhere, but they do exist. Yes, indeed.

As to Trump, tell him that he doesn’t need to concede until Birnam Forest comes to Dunsinaine. What’s that you say? They’re building the bleachers to watch the inauguration with Birnam wood? Shhh!! You’ll blow it!!


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William H. Murphy
William H. Murphy

Continuing with the “Macbeth analogy, after Lady Macbeth has succeeded in having her husband murder old King Duncan: “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten (his) little hand.” Too much blood on it! Trump’s fight has never been good.


Let the SS Trumptanic go full steam ahead. Should end well, might even see the movie someday ????