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What could go wrong?

John Bolton hasn’t even plunked his dumb, arrogant, chicken hawk ass down in the National Security Adviser’s chair yet, and already the battle plans are being drawn up for his first war. Against his own National Security Council.

The Daily Beast is reporting that Bolton’s first order of business is going to be some serious “house cleaning,” and just like Santa Claus, “He’s making a list and checking it twice.” The new slogan for the NSC must be, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” According to The Daily Beast, it’s quite the list;

Citing multiple sources, the report says Bolton’s “house cleaning” will also target holdovers from President Obama’s administration, allies of outgoing national security adviser H.R. McMaster, and those suspected of leaking to the press. “Everyone who was there during Obama years should start packing their shit,” one source was quoted as saying.

The report also states that by far the top of the list will be people insufficiently loyal to Trump. Because, when your task is to protect the entire United States from attack, who is better qualified than some third grade drop out who thinks that Glorious Bleater is the bees knees? With criteria like this, I’m waiting for Trump to name his diet Coke delivery driver his “Infrastructure Czar,” cuz he knows roads and highways like the back of his hand.

Look, let’s be honest, “house cleaning” is nothing new. Not only Presidents, but any leader brought in to run a large organization or business brings in people who share his own vision and action plan. The big difference is that normally, those people are competent, and skilled at their jobs. But as we have seen with Trump, from press secretary to Secretary of the Treasury, competence is secondary to showing up every day with west wing knee pads on. This is the real danger, these people are capable of causing worse damage through manifest stupidity than they could through the most well thought out devious plan.

This kind of thing has a long history of just never quite working out very well. Here’s a perfect example. Remember the two most embarrassing words ever muttered by a sitting President, “Mission Accomplished?” Yeah, John Bolton was 100% sure that Saddam Hussein’s farts were a lethal chemical agent, so we had to overthrow him. What was the first thing that sniveling idjits like Paul Wolfowitz did when we sent Saddam scurrying back to Tikrit to hide out? The “deBaathification” of the Iraqi government. The Baath party was to Hussein what the Nazi party was to Hitler, you couldn’t clean toilets at the train station if you weren’t a member of the party. Everything from bureaucrats to teachers, military officers to civil engineers were thrown out, simply for the crime of having a party ID card in their wallet so that they could make a living under the previous regime. And what did we get in return for this brilliant strategy? The destabilization of Iraq, complete cessation of essential public services, 13 years of bloody sectarian strife, and the core leadership of ISIS. What a bargain!

So, here we go again, down the same rabbit hole. Trump is already having trouble getting anybody with an accredited GED who dreams of a post Trump career in Washington to come in and fill out an application, and now we’re going to gut the NSC, the bastion of national protection, overseen by a vapid, warmongering buffoon with small birds nesting in his moustache, solely so that there are no more Rex Tillerson’s out there, ready and eager to correctly label Da Big Cheese (limburger of course) as “a fucking moron.” What a way to run a railroad.

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  1. More crap from crappy people, and nothing new or of any import even mentioned. I won’t miss a single one of them when they’re gone!


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