Trump Wanted to Build a Mega Church with Pastor Paula White. Sure, Why Not Get In on the Grift?

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Paula White is a televangelical that Trump has brought in to the Trump Administration to help shore up his evangelical base.  And her faith is rooted in the belief that God wants followers to find wealth and health — commonly called the ‘prosperity gospel’ and her rise to influence and prominence in evangelical circles is strikingly similar to President’s Trump’s rise among Republicans. She and Trump are a perfect fit.

Speaking with the Washington Examiner Friday, White said Trump initiated plans to build a grandiose “glass cathedral” in 2006, even hiring on an architect to pursue the project. White ultimately said the timing wasn’t right on her end and the project fell through, but she recalled her and Trump’s longtime religious relationship in a series of interviews this week promoting her latest book.

“It was part of a dream,” she told the Washington Examiner. “He said, ‘Let’s build a crystal cathedral for God,” echoing that of the Roman Catholic Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. “He wanted to build a house of God. He said, ‘Let’s do this, let’s build this before we’re too old.'”

White, a television preacher based in Florida, said Trump asked for her prayers to “intensify” in 2014, when he made it clear to her he was going to run for president…

…”He is a Christian,” White said of Trump in her interview with the Examiner, noting he doesn’t quote scripture publicly like former President Bill Clinton “He doesn’t know ‘Christian-ese,’ most people don’t.”

Yes, yes, Paula, he follows all those good Christian precepts like extortion and threats, alms for the rich, hostility towards the persecuted, locking children in cages and dropping trou for porn stars.

What a fine church it would have been!
For a while…

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Could you imagine that he would go voluntarily to church, naaah l can’t see it. As to try to build one and rip off the investors I could see that in a heartbeat

chris whitley
chris whitley

Oh, trump would be all over a tv church. They roll in the dough. They get them old people to give up their life savings sign title to their house over. Oh hell fire and damnaton. Praise the lord. I bet that old gal get the little trump mushroom 🍄 to stand up and spit like a youngster.


He learned all he needs to know about religion from 2 Corinthians didn’t he? His only interest in the Evangelical voters is that they’re ignorant & easily duped. Obviously. They send their hard earned $$ to these phony preachers that promise to pray for them (prey on them) & they get more poor & desperate waiting for help, & people like Copeland beg for more money to buy the 3rd. airplane God tells them they need. Idiots.