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The Mexicans still haven’t paid for it, and because it’s not really a wall, they don’t have to?… This is the impeccable logic of stunt-POTUS*, much like that realtor telling you that the brick building that fills your apartment window is an ocean view because the prior tenant was Clark Kent.

Is this bollard-doggle the means to restart some steel plants, because only the cantaloupe-calved would scale such a barrier, others being forced to dig tunnels or, wait for it … overstay their visas.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen unveiled two new miles of border fencing on Friday and declared it the first new section of the President Donald Trump’s border wall.

“It’s different than a fence in that it also has technology. It’s a full wall system,” she said in Calexico, Calif., when asked about whether the 30-foot tall barrier made of steel bollards was actually just a fence. “It’s a wall, this is what the president has asked us to do. It’s part of a system.”…


It’s a “full wall system”:


It’s a full Thirty-foot Ladder:


It’s a full Thirty-foot Rope Ladder:

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