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Rasmussen Reports, every Republican’s favorite pollster, and the one that President Donald Trump frequently cites, has found that Trump voters believe that Trump can best help Republican candidates in Trump districts, by sitting on a White House couch and doing nothing. A plurality of voters think Trump would hurt local candidates by campaigning for them in their districts.

According to the pollster, 40 percent of likely voters think Trump campaigning in their district would hurt the candidate he’s trying to help, while just 28 percent said it would help the candidate. 21 percent of likely voters, meanwhile, said his presence in their districts would have no impact.

Of course, it  was just a little over a week ago that Trump campaigned for Republican Rick Saccone for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district special election. Trump had won the district by 20 points in 2016, and yet the fact that Trump went to Pennsylvania to personally campaign for Saccone could not carry an over-matched Saccone to victory.  Saccone narrowly lost the race to Democratic challenger Conor Lamb.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump’s current average approval rating stands at 40.8 percent, while Democrats have an average lead of over nine points on the congressional ballot.

It appears to me that Trump voters have a remarkable ability to both live in abject denial (see their continued protestations that Trump has yet to do anything wrong and it was Hillary who colluded with Russians) and yet they also maintain a “survivalist” instinct that recognizes that perhaps actually having their candidate around, “hurts things,” generally. It sounds like a good rule of thumb to me, because I am trying to think of a person who personally associated himself or herself with Donald Trump and had his or her stature increased by the relationship. I am drawing a blank. Perhaps this explains why Trump is also having such difficulty filling all those job openings that remain …*ahem, cough, “open,” at the White House?

Regardless, it now appears that even Rasmussen, pollster to the Pubs, recognizes that Trump’s support out in …Trump-country, is toxic to aspiring candidates.

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