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In Trump’s defense on this one, the meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and a Russian team sent to offer Russian government “support” for the Trump campaign was a campaign meeting, not a personal one. So this is fine.

President Donald Trump appears to have used more than half a million dollars in campaign funds to pay legal fees over the last three months, new campaign filings show.

The spending included $50,000 in legal expenses to lawyer Alan Futerfas, who is now representing Donald Trump Jr., on June 27th.

That’s why Trump quickly launched a “reelection” campaign immediately after entering office, of course. So he could collect a half-million dollars from his brigade of red-hat-wearing morons to pay for his legal defenses out of their own pockets.

As we said, it would be a real problem if Donald Trump were siphoning off cash from his own campaign for the personal benefit of his wealthy but incredibly stupid son. But Trump is fully acknowledging that the meeting with a Russian team set up under the explicit declaration that it was “part of” the Russian government’s support for the campaign, a mere week before the Russian government began to leak thousands of files stolen from Trump’s campaign opponent, was a campaign meeting involving his campaign staff to hear the provided information in their capacity as leaders of the Trump campaign.

So it’s fine.

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