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One thing about Trump, he’s a man of his word. He promised during the campaign to promote job creation in the US, and he’s made good on his promise. There is now a whole cottage industry that has sprung up in the United States devoted in creating metaphorical life rafts and life preservers, simply to prevent people from drowning in his bullshit.

I suffered through the entire Fox and Friends phone in debacle, only to suffer the disappointment that I couldn’t even write about it because the article creator didn’t have enough storage space for all the insanity to be covered properly. And I can only thank God that the White House correspondents dinner was last night, since it kept MSNBC from covering Trump’s whole delusion band reunion tour live. But just the highlights that MSNBC and CNN showed was enough to keep Michelle Wolf going through at least 3 more correspondents dinners. Let’s just hit a few of the more obvious ones, shall we?

I don’t think Andrew McCabe has to worry about losing any of his pension after Sessions fired him as the timer ran out. All he has to do is to write a memoir about his time working under Trump, and he can buy the freakin’ FBI! Just look at what His Lowness is doing for sales for James Comey’s totally unmemorable tome. If Comey keeps hitting the talk shows, by the time the final numbers come in, Comey’s book will surpass “The Art of the Deal in total sales, and won’t that be a kick in the ass. As long as McCabe trashes Trump, the free publicity alone from the Orange Julius will ensure McCabe a private island in the Caribbean.

Trump just couldn’t help himself, he had to hammer at Comey again. He did this for two reasons. One, it turns on his base, who also have the memory span of a Cocker Spaniel, and have already forgotten that it was Comey’s announcement 11 days before the election that the FBI was reopening Clinton’s e-mail investigation that helped his sorry ass squeak through in critical states for the electoral college. Comey is the enemy because the fact that the aura of borscht coming off of Trump gave him a purple tint, and Comey decided to take a look at that. And two, polls are showing that not only do people trust Mueller over Trump, they trust Comey over Trump too, and Trump’s lawyers are just a wee bit worried about that.

Trump dialed up the rhetoric again, the way only Trump can, which is to say, incoherently. He accused Comey of being both a “liar,” and a “leaker.” There’s just one teeny, tiny problem with this statement. “Lies” don’t get classified as “confidential,” or “secret.” Comey even specified in his notes that he was leaving the classification of his notes up to others to determine, and they left them largely unclassified. Trump can’t have this both ways, Comey can be either a liar, or a leaker, but not both. But Hair Twitler knows his audience well, and that kind of distinction is kind of like tying your shoes, which is why his base wears Crocs and flip flops.

Trump also took an open claws swipe at Democratic Senator Jon Tester, who released the allegations that sent “Doctor Ronny” scurrying back to the examining room, his tail between his legs. Trump overtly threatened Tester, telling the Trump drunk audience that he “knew some tings about Tester,” and that if he “ever said them, Tester would never be elected again.” Puh-leeease. In Trump, we’re talking about a man who ridiculed a disabled reporter, made fun of Carly Fiorino’s appearance, and accused Ted Cruz’ father of participating in the assassination of JFK. Tester is sitting in a seat that the GOP covets the way that Trump covets NDA’s. If Trump had so much as unpaid parking tickets to lord over Tester he would have preached it from the mount last night. Besides, it was GOP committee chair Isaakson who agreed with Tester on holding up the confirmation hearing, and didn’t utter a peep of protest when Tester released the summary.

The already infamous “caravan” of potential refugees. As I have previously written here, Trump is purposely and maliciously lying about the caravan, solely for the purpose of trying to gin up enthusiasm among his base for November. These are not “illegal,” or “undocumented” immigrants, trying to sneak across the border. They are coming to the proper border entry points, seeking asylum in the United States. They are doing exactly what Trump has always insisted that they do, “come in through the front door.” And as for sending the National Guard to the border to stop them, this is nonsense on two fronts. Posse Comitatus prevents the National Guard from so much as laying a finger on any of them the minute they’re on US soil. And second, as much as he hates it, all of those ‘loose liberal” immigration laws require that their asylum requests be processed under existing US law. While they may be detained, they must be allowed entry, their requests filed, and processed normally. They have to be housed and fed if they’re detained. As in all things, Trump is lying his ass off for personal gain.

But, since immigration is such a winner for the mouth breathers and bed wetters who attend Trump rallies, Trump doubled down, threatening once again to shut down the government in late September if congress doesn’t give him full funding for his border wall, totally ignoring the fact that even a 100’ border wall wouldn’t stop the refugees walking up to the border control checkpoint as we speak. For Trump, if it sounds good, and brings slavish applause, then it is good.

And he’s killing the GOP with these rallies. Let’s take Comey. The fact of the matter is that the GOP committee leaking of the Comey memo’s corroborated Comey’s testimony before congress, not denigrated it. Every time that Trump opens his mouth about Comey, he guarantees that Comey will continue to get bookings on network panel shows, to defend himself and bury Trump further in the muck, and it centers attention on Trump’s obsession with Russian hookers, and Comey’s own controversial firing, all things that GOP candidates have to answer for in their campaigns.

Now let’s look at the caravan, which the GOP definitely doesn’t want to do. Not now, not ever. While Trump’s supporters get nocturnal emissions at the thought of National Guard troops, stationed on top of Trump’s big, beautiful border wall, pointing automatic weapons down on all of the rapists and drug runners, what the rest of the world sees is about 150 mostly women and children, fearing for their lives, most with nothing more to their names than the clothes on their backs, and backpacks, politely walking up to the border control post and asking to be let in. Inflammatory rhetoric only works as long as it is the mind that creates the image, when real images intrude, it blows up the mental image in sane people. The GOP has to be terrified of this, Trump’s racist base isn’t big enough to win in November, and the ad spots, alternating Trump’s rhetoric about murderers and rapists with shots of women holding infants in their arms instead of bales of weed, write themselves. Besides, polls show that the majority of Americans are sick of the immigration debate, and want a sane, humanitarian fix to it.

He’s not helping them with his rant against Jon Tester either. As I said, if Trump had anything on Tester, he would already be spouting it like a sperm whale, since he can’t keep his mouth shut about anything. And if Trump can’t deliver the goods on Tester, why sould other vulnerable Democrats fear Trump’s influence? And if Trump can’t deliver on Tester, what hope do GOP challengers in other states have that Trump can deliver for them any better?

And last, but by no means least, shutting down the government. The GOP is facing a legitimate wave in November, when you lose 30 points in a special election in a ruby red district, what does it say for districts where incumbents won by less than 20 points? Republican incumbents are in a no win situation here. If they overrule Trump, and pass a budget without wall funding, they lose Trump’s base in November, which would be fatal. But if they fail to get wall funding, and Trump vetoes the funding bill and shuts down the government, they lose everybody else in the district or state who don’t want their government benefits being disrupted over a stupid wall. Their only hope here is that Trump just shuts his big, fat mouth, and good luck with that one guys and girls.

So personally, I’m hoping that Trump does indeed keep calling to Fox and Friends monthly, as KellyAnne Conjob threatened that he would. And I’m hoping that Trumpelthinskin keeps right on holding rallies every week between now and November, especially if he shows up in close races and appears with the GOP candidates. As long as he keeps dong that, Democratic candidates can save money on oppo research, and my stock in Maalox is going to go through the roof from GOP candidates ordering it by the tractor trailer full.

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  1. The Trump Administration is like a “nutty fruitcake” and you shouldn’t have to guess the who’s the biggest nut. The Nut-in-Chief himself.


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