President Trump humiliated himself Saturday morning by declaring “Trump” vindicated, evidently believe that a memo that did nothing but thoroughly underwhelm the entire nation had set him free.

Trump went on to humiliate himself infinitely worse by blistering basic English. That Donald “Presidentin’ by Twitter” Trump tortures the English language is no secret. But this one took “grating” grammar to a new level.

First, “Trump” third person reference? Please.

Random capitalization: “Witch Hunt” goes on. And then it goes on some more.

“Their” (Whose?) was no ….

Random capitalization; “Obstruction.”

“Obstruction” is now a “word”used …

because (comma) after one year of looking endlessly (I thought it ended after a year?)

And finding NOTHING (but what if they are not done looking after one year of endless looking? And/or what if they have found things and not told you?)

“collusion” (small ‘c’) is dead.

This is an American English teacher disgrace.

It’s funny and all. And yet, it’s actually not. This is the president of the United States, communicating in a manner that might squeak out a “C’ in a Sophomore English paper, if they write papers in 140 characters nowadays.

But, this is who the American people elected. He doesn’t care enough about us to treat us with the respect we deserve. The American people deserve to have their president speak to them with basic professional courtesy, with typos removed, with some sort of thought put into the communication, with a purpose.

This president doesn’t respect us, he does not respect the language, nor the process. Fitting, that all of these traits are found within the same president who has no respect for the law, either.



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