Trump Tweetstorm Reveals Utter Terror Boiling Under that “Confident” Exterior; Panicking


The DNI is about to testify before Congress, and this may be the most consequential hearing in multiple generations. Now that the report is released, the DNI will not be able to hide behind a claim that the report is privileged.

Trump knows this, and is setting the tone for the day.

IF Trump really wanted to throw the country for a loop and do something that might benefit him in the long run. He would issue a tweet stating:

“I am concerned about the accusations. I may have made an error in judgement. I intend to work with Congress to openly examine all that occurred. If I was wrong, I would apologize to the citizens and Mr. Biden. But, we must evaluate everything to make that determination. I believed I was doing the right thing. But I will listen to all, and perhaps make some changes in my approach. I look forward to feedback from Congress.”

And then go dead quiet.

I admit, it would throw me for an absolute loop. I might even consider it possible that he is willing to work “together” to better the nation.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Trump has done the exact opposite. He has tweeted 20 times already this morning (approximately), some of them retweets of others he likes, and none of it is about possible “errors,” or bringing people together. I know you are shocked. But, this man is determined to tear the fabric of the country apart on his way down.

Just to give you a flavor, because I believe it is critical to see his response. We cannot make a determination as to the best course forward in the impeachment process without analyzing his responses.

Shouting like the little snowflake he is:

Somehow deny collusion?

More screaming:

He is the reason, the only reason, that the stock market remains somewhat strong, and we’ll go to a depression if we lose him:

The hearing has begun, and I will be here to analyze all morning.


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Peace, y’all

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3 Comments on "Trump Tweetstorm Reveals Utter Terror Boiling Under that “Confident” Exterior; Panicking"

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To implode or explode, that is the question!

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

..The biggest scar to blemish our democracy , is
Trump and his family. I hope folks remember that after this nightmare is over ,( if ever ) .
.. Even if we survive this nightmare, we will have flashbacks for years .
The damage done by this rotten bastard will take yeas to repair .

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes trump is panicking. You can tell. He starts talking and his lips start doing a fish thing. I have noticed this before. And the economy my friend belongs to Barrack. Thank him on your way out. And I believe it will have opposite affect. And sorry
you are toast. Republicans are starting to look at this