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Just another day in the Trump White House.

President Trump on Sunday morning retweeted a doctored video showing him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball — from an account that makes racial, anti-semitic, and anti-LGBT comments.

The video complements “Trump’s amazing golf swing” — the President goes to his golf clubs constantly — and the video shows the ball hitting a person who appears to be Clinton, who then trips while boarding an airplane.

Shall we repeat the mantra of the Trump era, then? Can you imagine any other president, Republican or Democrat, doing such things? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney got themselves in terrible hot water over agreeing that one particular journalist was an “asshole”; shall we imagine the eruption if George W. Bush, as president, publicly directed the nation’s attention to a clip made to look like he’s punching Al Gore in the face?

But Trump gets a pass because in the short span of One Black Presidency, his party melted into such a stew of rage and crudeness that a television-show-having faux-billionaire racist sexist hate-puddle was deemed to be the best possible representation of their party.

It’s just taken for granted that the current sitting president will repeatedly post self-flattery cribbed from internet trolls and overt racists. It’s what he does. It’s why Republican voters picked him in the first place.

Or we can just go to the evergreen tweets for this one:

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