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The Ring of Fire / YouTube

I’m convinced Rupert Murdoch secretly launched One America News Network in secret to make Fox News appear sane. Though he probably didn’t expect Donald Trump to fall in love with it quite so easily. (I’m thinking of tweeting that I saw George Soros frantically shoving discarded Trump ballots up bigfoot’s ass with a filigreed falconer’s glove and Hunter Biden’s Mac Classic just to see if Trump will bite, but I don’t want to write Chanel Rion’s material for her. Let her do her own work.)

So it seems your claims don’t have to have even a whiff of truth to them to be swallowed whole by these great white wailers on the now-derailed Trump Train.

Now, we all fall victim to confirmation bias from time to time. But to believe that the president-elect of the United States only got 1,000 views on his Thanksgiving address to the nation is a special breed of bonkers. And, needless to say, the number of online views you get on any particular video does not precisely correlate with the number of votes you’re likely to get in an election. (Well, unless your opponent has never had a favorability rating above 50 percent and looks like whale placenta and Tang. In that case, you could probably launch your campaign from your old MySpace page.)

And in case you think I’m being too harsh, here’s another OANN teevee personality who decided to join the unreality carnival (second tweet):

It sure will, Christina! And I see Narnia finally has its own bath salts dealer! Enjoy!


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  1. His people don’t intervene because the King will chop off their head if they say they don’t like his pajamas. The sane 80+ mil don’t watch FOX or Russian backed OANN. Let the orange turd keep subverting, all the rope he wants, then hang him, treasonous selfish prick. Throw his minions enablers in jail for rest of life. God I am tired of this!

    • The easiest way around this is not to give it any oxygen and let die a slow death, the more this BS is talked about and retweeted the more followers it gains.

  2. If everyone would QUIT repeating tRUMPS BULL$HIT then no one would know what he said. Quit making it easier for him to sprout his BS!

    • Who cares what tRUMP has said. He’s a lame duck soon to be gone president and soon he will be in jail or prison…End of story


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