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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wasn’t the only official to submit his resignation to the Trump administration last week over Trump’s bizarre order for a total withdrawal from Syria. Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, turned in his own resignation as well.

Trump’s public response, delivered Of Course via Twitter? That he doesn’t even know the guy.

So Donald Trump, who just made the decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria and let the Syrian dictator, ISIS remnants, previously supported U.S. allies, and the Putin government battle it out on their own, not only didn’t bother to consult McGurk or other top officials before making his decision but also, apparently, couldn’t pick the government’s top anti-ISIS official out of a crowd? Never met him, in the last two years, or doesn’t remember him even if he did?

That’s what he’s going with, in his attempt to belittle yet another of his supposed enemies?

The man seems to be going out of his way of late to demonstrate he’s unfit for office. He fired Mattis two days after Mattis’ resignation only because he learned from his television set that Mattis was unflattering to Trump in his resignation letter, demonstrating that he either didn’t read the letter or was unable to comprehend it. Bragging that he can’t even remember who his government’s top anti-ISIS official is, however, may top even that.

Dementia? Or has he sincerely been so detached from his own administration’s fight against ISIS that he hasn’t even bothered to meet or speak with the top officials orchestrating that fight?

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