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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

This is all we know.

How bizarre that news comes out this way, moments prior to Trump shaking hands with Kim Jung Un, finds out his good friend may or may not be fighting for his life in DC.

Trump is so flighty, already cut the meeting down to one day (supposed to be two), already altered normal format and decided to meet alone (with translator but no note takers as official correspondence), and now he has this on his mind.

Truth be told, we often cheer against Trump here. That applies to domestic politics. Just because Republicans cheer against Democrats when it comes to international affairs now, doesn’t mean we need to join them. With respect to making Asia and the west coast safer, I dearly hope Trump is successful in some way.  I have serious doubts, but my hopes are unequivocal.

And it goes without saying that we wish Mr. Kudlow well. We can fully separate his bizarre claims following the G7, and a wish that he quickly return to full health.


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