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Mother of god, has anyone seen a commander in chief lately? Last we all looked, our greatest foreign adversary, Russia, had launched an attack on the United States, one far deeper in penetration (people actually here posing as event organizers!) and broader in scope, than even we had known or even imagined. Donald Trump tweeted yesterday about a need for “unity” and that we need to go forth as “Americans,” not so much Republicans and Democrats, to fight this type of abuse of process. Yet, as the Russian puppet sits in “The Winter White House” (a term we hope to forget, soon), HE can’t even pull himself together enough to ACT like a president that gives a fk that we were attacked!

Damn it, let’s pretend for just a minute that I didn’t KNOW that Trump actively colluded with Russia because Putin has Trump compromised 50 ways (49 of them involving money loaned illicitly,  and one tape filmed illicitly). Let’s pretend that I actually thought that we would all be better off if Trump stayed on and acted as president. Let’s pretend that Trump had enough money to pay me to advise him for a day. Just, again, pretending.

Trump, get up and address the damn nation! You should’ve put the Florida trip off a day and stayed in Washington to address the country last night. You should have announced that you had levied the Congressional sanctions, then added five new sanctions on your own. You should announce that you are today seizing certain Russian assets in the United States having to do with their computer industry. You should announce that you have notified NATO that the United States has been attacked, and that our intelligence companies will be cooperating with ALL NATO nations to assist each of our allies in the defense of their countries, while asking for their help in defending ours. You should announce that you have called a meeting for all NATO members late this spring, to organize a strategy against this type of behavior. You should announce an investigation into Facebook and Twitter, and that you will direct our intelligence service to work with the companies to repel such cyber-war attacks in the future. I’m just throwing stuff off the top of my head, you know, a list of things a fking president would be doing right now!

Instead, we get a man-boy, whining down in Florida, as if no one in the country has a care in the world beyond his personal drama, as if this attack doesn’t have ramifications into the future, oh – and as if we’re all a bunch of morons, too:

We no longer care how it impacts you and Clinton! You are also leaving out that every other newspaper in the country reported just how ominous all this was for you. (You don’t know what “succinctly” means, btw) And what Rosenstein said “there is nothing in the indictment that states Russians impacted the election results.” It does NOT mean that the activity had “no impact” on the election results.



The American president thinks all his citizens are stupid. He ignores that the indictments themselves say that the goal changed in 2016, from sowing discord, to electing Trump …and that part IS in the friggin’ indictments! Does Trump also think that we believe he made his decision to run for president the morning he announced?

forget it. It’s not worth analyzing this man’s words anymore, unfortunately, since he does still happen to be president, for now.

Trump knows he’s plucked and fried at this point. If Trump truly did think that the indictments exonerated him, he would have his nose in front of TV camera right now, smiling smugly, talking about all the good he is going to do in the world. Trump would have done cartwheels onto Air Force One yesterday. No, he knows how much trouble he is in now, he’s seen what an indictment looks like, the details that can come out, and he knows Mueller didn’t exonerate anyone. He is in trouble.

This is how we know Trump is on the Russian payroll. The single most obvious way for Trump to score points for himself politically would be to follow the advice I gave above, it’s not like it isn’t “obvious” as strategy advice, all of you would tell him the same. Trump could really come out “ahead” if he jumped on the indictments and acted like everyone’s president. He could act like all this was distressing, concerning, and something on which he needed to show some “leadership.” It would help Trump.

But, he cannot do these things. and we all know why.

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