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Opposing Donald Trump in building a stupid, expensive, and racist wall along the U.S./Mexico border: Donald Trump, apparently, who declared earlier Thursday morning that the “border is tight,” which can only mean that we don’t really need this concrete monstrosity after all.

But seriously, Donald Trump is an asshole, because here he is boasting about trying to illegally block asylum seekers and vulnerable families while also touting up one particular federal immigration agency that just had a child die in its custody and two others fall seriously ill, including a five-month-old infant.

Trump sent out a flood of other manic tweets this morning, but none addressed the children suffering under our nation’s immigration policies. Not even one f*cking tweet offering any condolences over a child’s death under his administration’s watch. “Pro-life, pro-family values,” my ass.

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  1. There’s no need for that fundraiser then on gofundme. Right?
    It’s raised over $4MILLION already.
    Want to bet Spanky can’t wait to put that money in his pocket?
    Everybody has an opinion on the ‘wall’, but nobody thinks about the people that live on the border and not all of them want the wall.
    Did anybody ever think about that?
    No. Duh.


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