Trump Tweet-Orders Sessions to Unrecuse, Stop Witch-Hunt

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Just today, and – yes, this also qualifies as obstruction of justice in any real presidency:

Trump is collapsing under the pressure.

Yesterday, we saw the report in the New York Review of Books regarding Murray Waas’ new report on the explosive evidence Mueller obtained as to Trump pressuring Comey to “lay-off” Flynn.

Moreover, Trump read the level of detail in the indictments against the Russians and has to know that the same level of detail – only greater – must be in Mueller’s possession regarding Trump’s activities.

Trump knows that Mueller wants to follow Justice Department doctrine and not release news of political cases within 60 days of an election, and thus anticipates a report coming soon, at least on obstruction of justice. Additionally, Trump knows that he can’t separate obstruction, from collusion, to conspiracy, and the fact is, Trump did conspire with the Russians to win the election. We even have reason of late to question the voting tabulations.

We will follow-up on the story in greater detail as the day evolves, but keep an eye on Trump. Trump had not made a practice of naming Mueller by name in his tweets until just this last week, when he has started to accuse Mueller of having a conflict – the conflict  being in Trump’s mind, that he didn’t offer the FBI job to Mueller.

That’s it. That and Mueller is “friends” with Comey, that encompasses the entire “conflict” with respect to Mueller. It’s a non-story, except for THE story, which is that the panic has set-in, and it’s not pretty.

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Alarmed American.
Alarmed American.

The only thing that’s “ staining” our country is that Sick Minded, Sewer Shit, Son Of A Bitch, That White House Worthless Worm & his White House, Dime A Dozen Whore.