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WHILE I was writing an article on Trump’s already bizarre tweets, Trump, at 8:15 Eastern Time – a time MOST presidents are working by, Trump tells the biggest lie yet, a lie that we can prove from watching the damn news!

Holy shit! He said it on THE NIGHTLY NEWS! All we can say now is that Trump knows Mueller is close and has a ton of stuff on obstruction, because Trump has never outright denied firing Comey because of Russia.

Jesus Christ on the Nightly News, here it is, the self-proving lie: (Video at bottom of article)

The single most beautiful aspect of the relevant interview was it had an episode of pure, 24 carat, gold irony: “Comey is a showboat.”

Yesssss. Comey is a showboat, but coming from a man who used to call-in to local tabloid reporters, faking being his own agent, and talking about all the models he’s tagged, that was just perfect.

His supporters don’t watch NBC, so it truly doesn’t matter.


Trump has already had quite the morning, more self-indulgent bull shit. There’s a debate about whether or not people should publish Trump’s tweets, or whether they’re best to ignore. I believe they need be followed. He is president, and his tweets give us a needed look into his head. This morning we learn that he thinks about the Russian investigation all day every day, and that not even a national discussion on overt racism can go by without Trump seeing it only through him.

In any other administration, if the president said this, adopted it (it came from a Fox News Analyst, some hack who spent some time in a U.S. Attorney’s office), that the president believed he’d been betrayed by the attorney general, the attorney general would resign that hour.

Not this one and every time it happens, every time Sessions simply keeps his head down and does his job, it drives Trump slightly more crazy. Trump can’t get at Mueller without firing Sessions, and/or Rosenstein. It would be highly unusual for a president to reach within the DOJ and fire a deputy without order the attorney general to do it. But, he could, but it would look terrible.

Trump would much prefer to fire Sessions, but has been told by Sessions’ allies in the Senate that they would know exactly what Trump was doing and would not confirm any successor. Thus, it does Trump no good, because he can’t install a person who would take over the investigation from Rosenstein and fire Mueller, or even aggressively oversee Mueller.

The elegance of the Trump Trap is breathtaking in its beauty. We don’t get a lot to be happy about in this administration, this is one. Sessions’ bumbling and stumbling lies during his confirmation hearings made recusal his only option in a society with laws, Trump’s team couldn’t care less about laws, it is therefore a “betrayal.” Perfect.

Self-Absorption, the Second

Rush, showing his usual disdain for facts, apparently doesn’t want his audience to know that the FBI  DID “tell” Trump that the Russians were targeting his campaign. They sat the Trump Campaign down and told them to be wary. Perhaps the FBI didn’t stop it because Don Jr. WANTED the Russians involved (“I love it”) and began convincing the FBI that the Trump campaign would be working in cahoots with Russians? As to why the FBI couldn’t “stop it” – well, the Trump campaign wouldn’t “stop.” That puts the FBI in a bad spot. I wonder what Limbaugh would have to say if the FBI raided the Trump campaign eleven days before the election, the day the Comey letter came out about Hillary.

Fk Rush and Trump.

I’m done, there’s another tweet about Trump whining about ABC never apologizing to him, but I’m tired of Trump self-absorption and snowflake behavior.

Here is the video to see for yourself:

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