Trump Tweet: $17 Million Wasted on Mueller. Less than Unofficial Travel, Golf

@sparksjls / Twitter trump golfing screencapture...
@sparksjls / Twitter

This one is precious:

CNBC reports that according to figures by Judicial Watch (a conservative think tank) that as of JANUARY 2018, Trump’s non official travel trips, which include those to Florida and Bedminster NJ, and all those trips where he goes to just hear people scream their approval and where he does nothing but relax and golf, have cost greater than $13.5 Million. One trip to Trump’s Bedminster golf club cost $15,994 per hour, just to GOLF! Since those numbers were tallied back in January, and you can bet that at the rate Trump travels, that number – the latest I could quickly find, far exceed the $17 Million Mueller investigation Trump finds so disturbing. In fact, since they measured in January, one could expect the trips to have picked up mid-winter, and likely the figure is well over $20 million by now.
Next time your Facebook uncle complains about the cost of the Mueller investigation, throw Trump flaunting his golf game right in front of him. Oh! don’t forget to remind him that Trump has golf twice the amount that Obama did, and that when Obama golfed, he almost always did so at the military golf course in the D.C. area in order to keep the cost down.
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