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Global News / YouTube

Complete with spirited, inspirational music no less.

This guy. I mean, come on.

Step 1: Inspire a mass shooting after two and a half years of vile racist rhetoric. Step 2: Deflect. Step 3: Visit the people who were injured in the mass shooting you inspired, and refuse to allow press in because it’s “not a photo op.” Step 4: Make a highly polished campaign video out of the solemn occasion. 5: Inspire mass vomiting.

There simply is no bottom. Don’t even try to find one.

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  1. ….Not so (slick) , “more like sick” , because he didn’t care about those shot …Showing off his trophy wife , (who looked sooo, out of place) its all about himself ,you’ve have thought he was shot .
    ..He can’t bring himself (not to politic) ,
    no matter what .
    …This man is so sick , we should be amazed
    that most of (his base ) don’t see it , and are
    being led down the path of disaster.
    …Willful blindness, because they can’t believe they’ve been wrong .

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