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A difficult new small issue …for me. Our fast-growing site is due to wonderful readers, who understandably have busy lives and are most interested in news about what will rid them of this man, and just for the sheer spectacle, the outrage, cluelessness, and a million other things one feels when seeing the First Lady visit a child detention center wearing the only coat I have ever seen that has “I don’t care written on the back,”  ostensibly she visited the center because she did. I’d like to think she does, and is just oblivious to what high fashion apparel messages may send.

It is hard to want to read about the crises itself. I wholly see why articles on this issue don’t draw many eyeballs here. It is just devastating. Rachel Maddow found herself apologizing to her audience because she literally became speechless during a late-breaking story and she had to hand off to Lawrence O’Donnell early. She tweeted an apology saying it was her job to read the news. Yet, she’s human. She – without warning – stared at a screen that read that the U.S. had established “Vulnerable Child Detention Centers.”

But, this is the one political issue that truly has “stuck” on Trump, even with his base – somewhat. That doesn’t make it important with respect to history, the devastation of our government, in our name, ripping kids out of the arms of parents is the only matter relevant to history.

Politically and morally, right now our duty to is to truly find out what was done in our name. The Trump administration lies about it. There is a net negative number for illegal immigration from Mexico. This crises primarily involves people who simply decided to line up and hand themselves over seeking asylum, that is not a criminal act!!!!! Yes, SOME are truly illegal immigrants. However, the difference between you being arrested and taken from your kids is that your kids likely have a place to go, family, like another parent. And just because “closing the border” is primary with him, does not mean that an arrest cannot be done, while also keeping families together.

I wrote yesterday that it is causing Trump to melt-down. I will write everyday about the impact, as needed. We live in the age of the “scandal” involving secret activity discovered: Hillary dumping personal emails, the made-up IRS scandal, and of course ALL of Trump’s existence. It is hard to appreciate that this story is history passing before our very eyes.

The Trump Administration could be remembered by history as “the worst” (at least in modern times) or as the one “cut short,” but THIS will be remembered akin to hosing down “negroes” demanding the right to eat lunch beside a white person, the National Guard needed to protect 5-6 adorable little black girls to enter a school, the United States at its absolute worst.

Except this one was intentionally aggressive as policy. The others were defensive in protection of a certain “way.” Trump wanted this policy because it would “deter” asylum seekers from Central America. He is not “deep enough” to think to get an expert report ahead of time on whether it actually would deter immigrants fleeing a place where a parent could see their child with a bullet hole in the head any day. Whether or not the entire pipeline industry through Mexico wouldn’t be countering the news with statements like “that is just a fake rumor put out by the government to get you to stay home, it is not true, I know, I have taken many.” Simply put, Trump didn’t have the intellectual capability to figure out if it had any deterrent value (I am NOT stating that anything legitimate justifies the practice) – he just assumed. Or, and I suspect this is a big part of it, he simply wanted this, he very much wanted to “punish” people he didn’t want here. When has he ever not sought to punish those that annoy him? Remember what an ugly hag Cruz’s wife was? That same extremely competent, capable woman who bore Cruz three kids while being a partner at Goldman Sachs and – FWIW – is also a beautiful woman any normal man would appreciate.

But, the shock that even “his people” don’t overall like this, has sent him reeling. He can go to whatever rally he wants, he can tell whatever lie he need, and yet clues lie everywhere.

Can we even count the number of lies here? “Overrun” – again – with respect to Mexico, there is net negative immigration, more people returning home than coming in.

The people from Central America who come and hand themselves over ask for asylum are arrested – that’s not a crime.  This policy was applied uniformly among illegal and wholly legal asylum seekers, only the Trump administration charges them with a crime and lumps asylum seekers in with people caught crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico illegally.

Phony stories by Democrats?  A good place to start would be noting that  it seems according to Trump that there has never been bad “true” news about Trump, ever ever ever.

More importantly, he just yesterday STOPPED the process because – supposedly – they decided it was needlessly cruel – what makes it cruel without “sadness and grief?” And, I seriously doubt that any more than 5% of his supporters don’t KNOW there is tremendous sadness and grief. Some like that fact, and the rest are the ones that put the political pressure on Trump to change it. He didn’t want to change it.

The rest is incoherent. Seriously. Something to make Democrats craven politically, and something about “same pictures from Obama.” This policy was not in place under Obama, by definition, there can be no “same pictures” because whatever pictures he may be talking about are sad for a different reason.

Much more problematically, why is it that reporters aren’t allowed to speak to asylum seekers? Again, they’re not criminals. The media should be able to talk to them. Why are they keeping the media out of the “detention centers”  (they did let one Fox crew in, and they have actually made some promises to MSNBC in the last week, but the media has been demanding entry for six weeks, according to a reporter on Nicolle Wallace’s show yesterday. Why do they not let elected REPRESENTATIVES IN??? Anytime a government hides policy, there is a reason.)

His own supporters made this untenable for him. They obviously saw this as just too cruel – to their credit, honestly. But, ONE DAY after he reversed the policy, he is not tweeting about reuniting kids, his attention is getting the issue OFF the headlines – in other words, the only consideration is him, not kids who may never see their parents again. 1800 kids remain dislocated from their parents (officially, many reporters strongly doubt that number, suspecting it is much higher, and chaotic.)

I think he is scared because he’s never faced an issue that “stuck” with his base. He is dealing with this along with knowing that Mueller could retake the headlines any day with some terribly “unfavorable” stuff. Cohen could formally flip.

We have an obligation to talk about the truth, and understand what has been done in our name and what will be, or won’t be, done in our name into the future. The entire world is watching. We also, certainly, have an obligation to bear witness as to whether the President of the United States destabilizes …more.





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    Our Mission: Southwest Key Programs (defunct webpage)
    A national, nonprofit organization, Southwest Key is committed to keeping kids out … Workforce Development;
    National Headquarters: Austin, Texas;

    LAST YEAR (May 2017)

    According to the letter, “due to the low number of unaccompanied children crossing our national border, the federal government has instructed all of its shelter contractors, including Southwest Key, that they must decrease the bed capacity in response to the current situation. Therefore, Southwest Key has been directed to lay off staff in accordance with this mandate.”


    A Texas nonprofit has received nearly half a billion dollars from the U.S. government this year to operate shelters for undocumented immigrant children who have been separated from their parents.

    That’s nearly half the money allocated so far this year for the federal unaccompanied alien children program, which is at the center of a raging debate over the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy for people crossing the border illegally.

    The Austin-based nonprofit, Southwest Key Inc., has made $1.5 billion from the federal government in the last decade, according to U.S. Health and Human Services data.

    The nonprofit says it runs 26 immigrant children’s shelters in Texas, Arizona and California. Of those, 17 are in Texas, according to state Department of Health and Human Services records.

    * * *

    The 250,000-square-foot Casa Padre facility where Padron worked currently houses nearly 1,500 boys, ages ten through seventeen, and is expanding in expectation of a wave of more children. Southwest Key operates twenty-six shelters across the country, including seventeen in Texas. It is in the process of establishing an additional shelter for young children in Houston.

    • well the only ones to blame is the people who put him in power……everyone know the type of person he was before hand and now your getting the result…it is not gonna get any better, the us will be in a worst place when you finish his time in office….he is running the country like his own business and that is like any dictator would do it…..I don’t know why everyone thinks the things are a surprise…..I am not a political person and usually stay out of the crap/lies/drama. Donald is on a mission to promote his ego and gets scared when other people stand up to him which is not something he is used to seeing….he can’t do anything without trying to promote it on any of the world mediums……he is his own worst enemy because he don’t think things thru very good and his way of doing business is to eliminate anyone who he sees as a threat to his ego. You have to wonder if he scrolls the net and see if there is anything he can do to get attention…..anyone and anything to feed his ego is what it is all about….. you have to start wondering how do you spell impeachment for him and explain it to him…..will have his tenure remember as one of the worst leader to ever rule a major country – thanks for the time and I now have cancelled my service to the comedy network because now it is real and up to the moment……sorry for anyone that is affected by his mismanagement because it will hit the hard working people that pays taxes and will pay more the longer this drags on…


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