Trump Trivializes Troops Injuries, Gets Spanked By The VFW

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Cast your mind back to a kinder, gentler time. A time when alleged Senators of a particular party didn’t spend all day sitting around like a 10 year old on the hood of a car, ready to yell out to the boss when the cops came down the street. When a happier, more carefree America could blithely disassemble the second highest ranking general of another country with a drone strike. You know, just a couple of months ago.

Remember how ruffled Iranian feathers were when we ventilated their most revered scumbag terrorist? How they threatened dire consequences and blood in the streets. And how they launched a missile strike against an Iraqi base housing  US soldiers? The same airstrike that ended up with some Iranian John Wayne wanna be downing a Ukrainian jetliner full of civilians. And remember how El Pendejo Presidente came out and mocked the Iranians for being such wusses, since no US service members were killed or injured in the missile strike?

Yeah, well, about that. It turns out that Trump’s boast wasn’t entirely accurate. And for once it wasn’t a case of the administration playing pea-in-a-shell with bad news. The military reported no casualties simply because there were no reported deaths or injuries. No limbs blown off, no shrapnel in chests or organs, no rivers of blood. They reported the results honestly as they knew them.

But unlike opinions, results sometimes change. And in the days following the strike, US troops started complaining of headaches, ringing in the ears, blurry vision, and other ailments that they shouldn’t have. Upon examination the soldiers were found to have suffered traumatic or concussive brain damage during the strike. The military has now updated their human damage assessment from the missile strike to include 34 wounded Americans.

Considering His Lowness’ gleeful ridicule of the Iranians over the initial assessment, it shouldn’t have surprised Trump, his aides, or anybody else in the administration when he was questioned about the new figures. And once again, Captain Empathy didn’t disappoint. He referred to the soldiers traumatic brain injuries as headaches, and joyfully went into a long recitation of the really nasty shit he’d seen when visiting Walter Reed Army Hospital. Considering the fact that we’re talking about Trump here, I can only assume that those were gurneys lined up in the hall that he passed on his way to his physical.Paying actual visits to soldiers in hospitals is not Trump’s style, it pushes back his tee time.

It turns out that not everybody is as blase as Trump is about traumatic brain injuries. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFW, was absolutely furious with Glorious Bleater. In a rather blunt and to the point statement, they took Agent Orange to the woodshed for his churlish and cavalier attitude towards our brave troops, and demanded an apology to them. I can only hope that the VFW has a lot of other shjit on their plate, because they’re going to be waiting a loooong time for an apology from Genghis Don..

The longer this goes on, the more I can only come to the conclusion that Traitor Tot has spent so much time at Mar-A-Lago that he now thinks that elections are like a game of golf, where the lowest score wins. It would be easy to believe that after the results of 2016. But the fact of the matter is that veterans have long been a major source of votes for the GOP, and the VFW so in spades, because they hit the daily double. Not only are they veterans, but they’re normally older, more conservative voters as well.

And yet, time and time again The Pampers President has belittled and disregarded the military, feuding with a gold star family, callously insulting the widow of a newly fallen hero, trashing the esprit de corps of the military by letting alleged war criminals off of the hook, against the advice of the military itself, and just generally pushing them brainlessly  in and out of hot spots like his personal tin soldier collection.

For decades, the GOP has been the preferred party of veterans, mainly because they always wanted to give the military every new toy they could devise, while the Democrats wanted them to play with the ones they already had, at least until the “new car” smell was off of them. But as the country becomes weary of endless foreign entanglements, and the Democrats alone stand to demand accountability, and congressional permission to get us into any more foreign pissing contests, that needle may be moving. And Trump’s feckless attitude about the troops, their families, and the dangers whey face will only help to move the needed further. The way that this is going, by the time that November rolls around, the only people that will be voting Republicans are the candidates, their families, and their staffs.

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Like I’ve said before that he is suffering from a serious brain cell injury. He’s got no empathy what so ever. After all the negative comments he’s made toward our Generals and other commanders it’s a wonder he still can get any support from them