Trump tries to take credit for declining cancer death rate … before he took office

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It really feels like “Donald Trump is lying about a thing” is a job that should have gone to the robots already. Donald Trump is always lying about a thing. Donald Trump is always lying about all of the things. Donald Trump is the most systemically dishonest member of government in American history, and it is because previous leaders would have been stuffed in a sack and spirited away by advisers if they spouted even one-tenth of the delusions that this grand, gilded blowhard manages to burp out during each day’s second or third round of Executive Time.

We could do this by robot, right? Trump tweeted a thing. The thing is weird, misleading, or completely detached from reality as we know it. Experts who know about the thing, or just eyeball-havers who can easily look up the thing, weigh in to say so. Doesn’t make much difference because Donald Trump is an absolute idiot, his remaining staff is a collection of simpering cowards who exist only to prop up his every fantasy, and Republican lawmakers would let Donald Trump nuke Texas into the ocean so long as the order came stapled to another tax cut.

“U.S. Cancer Death Rate Lowest In Recorded History! A lot of good news coming out of this Administration,” Trump tweeted. First part: True. Second part: Nope. The American Cancer Society report covered the years before Trump took office; unless Trump is claiming that his mere inauguration caused cancer cells around America to shrivel up and die (and he might!), it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with him.

And all the rest of it is rote. Critics point out that Trump’s team demanded massive cuts to cancer research because screw everyone who is not them, that’s why. Others point out that Trump signed budgets increasing cancer research—because that’s what even the Republican-held Congress sent him, after ignoring Trump’s proposals in their entirety. And we can wrap this whole thing up by observing yet again, for the umpteen-thousandth time, that Trump’s brain works in a very, very, very simple pattern, not so much a mammalian version as that of a single-celled organism that knows only to move toward or away from a light.

Is the news of the moment good? I, Trump, did that.

Is the news of the moment bad? Obama, who was possibly not even an American and who destroyed all you know and love—before it got better!—did that.

There ya go. Analysis complete. Beep, boop, and so on. Everything the man says is a lie, and yet the press still cannot stomach the implications of the supposed leader of our government being a (literally) pathological liar. Hint: It is bad.

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WTF!!! Go figure


Let’s pause and be thankful. Trump hasn’t yet taken credit for creating the world.


Yet, would be the key word. He’s just nuts!