Trump tries to deny he sided with Kim on Otto Warmbier’s death–and fails

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Trump is once again trying to unring the bell. This time, 45 is trying to contain the outrage that resulted after he cavalierly took Kim Jong-un at his word that he didn’t know about Otto Warmbier’s horrific torture in a North Korean gulag.

In response to a burning statement from Warmbier’s parents condemning Trump for throwing their son under the bus, Trump tried to wave his hands and claim that it was all a misunderstanding.

You lie, Mr. Trump. YOU LIE! The whole world HEARD you side with “Dear Respected.” And here’s a receipt.

Looks like Trump can’t even keep his own alternative facts straight.

I look at this, and I see a disturbing parallel with the horror in Puerto Rico. We have a president who is willing to throw American citizens to the curb. And now we know he’s willing to do so regardless of color.

I thought I’d share this video from Dr. Eugene Gu, in which he outlines just how tone-deaf Trump’s line was from a medical perspective.

Congressman Tom Malinowski, a former State Department official under Obama, has just announced he will introduce a resolution condemning Kim for Warmbier’s murder.

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Michael owens
Michael owens

Get rid if the crime family in the white house??!!!… are you going to wait till he starts another war?. Or is it about money and losing power????….”in God we trust”, bullshit!, in $$$$ we trust… shame America shame