Trump Tower new address off “Obama Ave.”? – Tantrum incoming!

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Why we’ve never witnessed Trump admit on camera that Obama was born in America is obvious.  And his racist denial should be a debate question in 2020 if our nominee successfully brands Trump as a dangerous racist who contributes to homegrown terrorism and hate crimes, unfit for office, too sick to provide the healing this country desperately needs, ravaged by hate and broken.

Moderator: President Trump, many voters including Republicans are saying your harmful words towards minorities contribute to the division in our country and they want to see more calls for unity from you.  Your attacks on minorities began, they say, when you demanded Obama’s birth certificate.  Are you willing to acknowledge here today before the country that Obama was born in the United States?  

Trump will never admit it.  It will never be a debate question and I’m dreaming.  Trump can’t escape his own racism so he will definitely feed our nominee’s narrative of him as the wrong President for this country.

Trump will never let go of his hate and doesn’t truly believe he can win reelection without driving up his numbers by enraging his base.  His playbook is old news with no new chapters we haven’t already read.

His Make America Great Again campaign slogan was never a cry for unity, it was white supremacist code for Make America White Again.

Trump’s entire agenda hinges on Obama backlash rooted in the racist idea that whites are superior to blacks and that whites should be in power and if powerful white businessmen like Trump are given equal chance to do a black man’s job, the white guy could do it better and fix America.  The Rust Belt agreed.

Remember when Trump first set foot in the White House, he called it a shit hole, the implication being that blacks are dirty and don’t take care of the places they live, that they make the country less clean?

Reminder: Trump is a white supremacist.  He was is and always will be.  It is permanent.

Trump’s Obama-envy is what makes this political stunt so hilarious!  It could change Trump’s history permanently.

How would we all like to remember Donald Trump?

He tried to be greater than Obama but history remembers a truly great President.

What do you think about this Trump?



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If I could, I’d vote for that.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Go to petitions and “cast your vote”.

Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Go to to sign the petition.


I signed the petition. It was up to 149,732 (approx) at the time.