Trump Throws Jeff Sessions to the Wolves, Sends Warning to Others Who Would Oppose Him

Fox Business / YouTube Trump takes on AG Jeff Sessions...
Fox Business / YouTube

Donald Trump loves getting even. That’s his most funnest thing, just like any pre-school bully with a mean streak. He never grew out of that stage of development, never learned how to get beyond setbacks and let bygones be bygones. Once crossed, all Trump can think about is his revenge. In Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s case, that translates as Trump supporting his opponent for U.S. Senate in one of the most contentious primaries in the country and publicly humiliating him.

This advertisement is almost self-parody, “I’ll always have the president’s back, to drain the swamp, build the wall, no amnesty, ever.” Yeah, let’s get rid of The Other. Assure the base that you know who the bogeyman is. And Tuberville is a piece of work himself, cut from the same bolt of cloth as Trump. He managed a hedge fund that defrauded investors of $1.7 million and later settled the suits against him out of court, ala Trump University.

As you saw from the ad, the one do over that Trump would pick, given the opportunity, would be to not appoint Sessions as attorney general and it’s a cinch that if Sessions had a do over, it would be to never accept. Sessions was firmly ensconced in the Senate before he got involved with Trump and now he’s got a vicious up hill battle, with Trump at his throat and Tuberville at his heels.

And of course there’s another angle to this, as well you know: This acts as a detriment to anybody else who would cross Trump. Probably Susan Collins wakens at night in a cold sweat wondering what Trump would say about her if she stepped out of line and Martha McSally rehearses new vows of allegiance to Trump, so she never has to find out either. This is the state of the Republican party. Let us hope that Tuberville and Sessions eat each other alive so Doug Jones can remain in office.



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Interesting how susie always appears when following bone spurs traitor is adressed.