Trump threw hissy fit on Air Force One for not getting enough praise for hospital visit

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The shooting began while Trump was at his golf club, and after what his own staff admitted was a disastrous debacle visiting the victims, Trump is now slinking back to his club to golf even more. For any other president, this would be the height of a scandal. Yet honestly, in Trump’s case, the victims, along with the entire nation, would really have just appreciated it if he never left his club.

Instead, Trump traveled to Dayton and El Paso to wreck havoc. In lieu of providing comfort to the victims, he used this opportunity to spout out the false claim of how he can pack an arena. Then he attacked the media, Democratic public officials in Dayton, and Democratic presidential candidates while visiting the hospital victims. Sickeningly, the White House tweeted that Trump was treated “like a rock star”—because apparently we live in North Korea now.

The victims in the El Paso hospital did not want to meet with Trump, but he demanded his photo op. So he had a patient brought back who was discharged—a two-month old baby whose parents died shielding him from one of his racist followers—just so he could strike a ridiculous “thumbs up” pose with the now orphaned baby.

The doctors said Trump “lacked empathy”. That would be an understatement.

He is a f***ing monster.

Seeing the shooting victims of various ages and the grieving families touched a nerve with Trump, but not in the way a normal person would be affected. Trump was hurt because he didn’t get enough “praise” for showing up:  


The Washington Post reports that Trump threw a giant hissy fit on Air Force One because news cameras had not accompanied him in the hospital, causing coverage of the visit to be dominated by his foes.

According to reporters John Wagner and Josh Dawsey, the president had wanted “pictures and video released immediately” and “asked aides to go defend him,” complaining that he had not gotten sufficient credit for his response to the shooting.

That’s right, because shooting victims weren’t the ultimate victim in all of this—it was Trump’s ego.

I can’t imagine why victims didn’t want to be used as props. Too bad the baby didn’t have a choice.

Trump was so distraught about the bad coverage he was getting that he apparently demanded that a campaign video be thrown together, complete with cheesy music, which was  comprised almost entirely of shots of him mugging for the camera. I can’t believe he did this, nor can I believe he thought this would help his image:

What is wrong with him?

Ironically, Trump didn’t get the reporters’ cameras in the hospital because of his own aides. They admitted what everyone already knew:

While the president’s aides explained to reporters that cameras were kept out of the hospital because of logistical and privacy concerns, two White House officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said there were concerns that they could capture an impolitic moment or the president making an insensitive comment.

Of course they did. They knew Trump would be a walking disaster.  They had history to go on.

Remember when Trump weighed in on the Pulse shooting here in Orlando…. by congratulating himself?

Trump was desperate to push his hospital visits in Dayton and El Paso as some sort of “success”. His classless, moronic followers immediately took to social media to offer him the praise he required—some went as far as masquerading as relatives:

For the love of God, Donald. It’s bad enough you incite these killings with your racist rhetoric. It’s deplorable that you won’t take any action on it, and require that any legislation to curb the violence get the NRA’s blessing.  Somehow, you manage to make everything worse by making a time that is supposed to be about healing all about you—your crowd sizes, your fragile ego. Now we learn that you followed up this violent attack on the Hispanic community in El Paso with your own personal attack of another Hispanic community in Mississippi.

While this country was coping with the trauma caused by a trio of random mass shootings in one week, the Trump administration conducted the largest one-day workplace Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in history.

More than 650 ICE agents descended upon several different meatpacking locations in Mississippi and snatched any employee who did not have proof of residency on them. 680 residents of Mississippi were detained and forcibly removed from their jobs and families. On the first day of school in many districts, children were stranded with one or two parents suddenly missing. Several babies and toddlers were left at childcare without anyone to pick them up. Images of their devastation and grief flooded social media.

Your ICE gestapo refusing to coordinate with social services to inflict maximum traumitization of the children was the point all along. The truth is that images of suffering children pleases your base. You encourage violence against immigrants…even joke about it.

You are a horrible, horrible, horrible human being.

Next time a violent racist attack occurs, and it will happen, please do the most humane thing you can possibly do—which is nothing.

For everyone’s sake, please keep golfing.

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What a childish, self-centered moron!


All the classic narcissistic disorders on display. Fragile vindictive ego, zero empathy towards others. Traits you expect from someone so mentally diseased. He’s not so much as a President as more of a Cult leader, where his base is purely like other cult followers. Will end badly of course.