Trump Thinks Covid-19 Control is About Keeping the Bad People Out — and Brags He’s Done That


Donald Trump is a germophobe and that character quirk extends to everything he says or does. He honestly believes that keeping bad people out, and away from “good” people — of which he is a specimen, one presumes (?) — is the way to handle things, including the public health crisis which is upon us right now. Trump actually took to Twitter, both his comfort and his consort in times of trouble, and repeated how he’s found the answer to the coronavirus. Only problem is — it’s totally wrong and completely batshit as well.

Yes, friends, Donald Trump is doing a victory lap around the coronavirus. Incredible, but then what isn’t when you start out a sentence with the words “Donald Trump?” And nobody else can believe it either, that 1. Maybe he thinks the borders are closed? 2. If they were, what would that matter, when you have a virulent strain which respects no borders? Geographical ones, in all events.

Maybe we should close off the Canadian border, too, ya think? Or, here’s a good one, maybe we close off the Big Boarder [sic] In The Sky, and declare that nobody from other planets can land here anymore, including meteorites with cooties and such. Too Andromeda Strain for you? I just thought that if we got Space Force on it, it couldn’t hurt. Last I knew Mike Pence was the spokesman for them as well, so he won’t know if he’s talking on behalf of Space Force or Covid-19, and frankly, the way that this matter has been handled so far — it won’t matter. I leave you with Trump’s classic Quote of the Day:

“When somebody sneezes — I mean, I try and bail out as much as possible when there’s sneezing.” — Donald Trump


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3 Comments on "Trump Thinks Covid-19 Control is About Keeping the Bad People Out — and Brags He’s Done That"

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Marie Tobias

I’m surprised Donnie hasn’t claimed that only people with high melanin levels can spread the disease so we need to put all brown, black, and yellow people in concentration camps, er… quarantine facilities, yeah, right, Quarantine Facilities.

And we can install showers to promote hygiene… right?


Oh please just some entity put this fool out of his misery, I have had enough


lock HIM up