Trump Tells WSJ West Point Ramp Was ‘Like An Ice Skating Rink’ Despite the Fact ‘Sun Was Pouring In’


Another day, another example of how Donald Trump is persecuted by the press. He did a perfectly remarkable descent down that ramp at West Point, Mikhail Baryshnikov could not have done better, Fred Astaire was looking on in envy from the Great Beyond — those guys could only get other dancers, by the way, not supermodels like him — but the Fake News didn’t tell it right. So Trump told the Wall Street Journal via Raw Story how it really went down.

“So I’m going to go real easy. So I did. And then the last 10 feet I ran down,” said Trump. “They always stop it just before I ran, they always stop it. So, I spent three hours between speeches and saluting people and they end up, all they talked about is ramp … If you would have seen this ramp, it was like an ice skating rink. So I’m the only one that can happen.”

“I mean, here I spent three hours on stage, the sun pouring in and I saluted 1,106 cadets, and that’s not easy,” Trump added. “Even the general said, That’s amazing. Other presidents would never have been able to do it. Because usually they do the first 10. They do 10 honor rolls, and then they go home. I stayed there for hours. And what do I do? I get publicity about walking down a ramp. And does he have Parkinson’s? I don’t think so.”

Parody just jumped out a 40th floor window, because she can’t take it any more. She joins Irony and Satire, who gave it up long ago themselves. There’s no room for Parody, poor girl, in Trump world, none at all. We’re way beyond that.

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2 Comments on "Trump Tells WSJ West Point Ramp Was ‘Like An Ice Skating Rink’ Despite the Fact ‘Sun Was Pouring In’"

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Well , maybe if Trump stops wearing
high heels ( elevator shoe’s ) , he wouldn’t
have been top heavy ?
And if he thinks he impressed the cadets
he should have explained about his
( bone spurs ) that kept him and his
family out of the military , and why these
cadets have to sacrifice their lives
, so Trump can play golf ( with bone spurs)!


And why didn’t the commanding officer have any problems with the ramp. The psycho needs to GO.