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The following is a compilation of notes taken live as Trump’s triumphant come back happened. First sour note — there were considerably fewer people than he thought would be there.

I view this as a plus that fewer people than expected are willing to risk their lives, especially in light of the fact that six members of Trump’s campaign Tulsa advance team have tested positive for COVID-19.

However, Team Trump has already suffered one set back. The overflow crowd address has been cancelled because there is no overflow crowd.

Donald Trump’s address to his cult was as batshit as you might expect. He regaled them with stories of how America is being “ripped off” by everybody from Angela Merkel to Muriel Bowser. He relates a discussion with Merkel, who has a Ph.D. in physics, as though she were a simple minded deadbeat. But not to worry, Trump, that economic mastermind is on to all of them and he’s going to get you your cash, America.

Trump went on to tell a horror story of MS-13 “cutting up” two women with a knife. Trump characterized MS-13 as animals and said that Nancy Pelosi called them people. Trump is predicting that MS-13 will overrun cities in America if he’s not reelected.

He bashed Joe Biden’s career, which he characterized as one of “betrayal, calamity and failure.” Then he said Biden “wants you to provide free health care for millions and millions of illegal aliens.” Biden will “always cave to the radical left” and he “will never protect you or your family.”

Of course the media got bashed regularly. They never cover anything great that Trump does.

Trump bragged about “taking out” Soleimani, the “number one terrorist.”

The projection here is epic. Trump says that there are American officials claiming that if Democrats are elected and Trump defeated that Iran and foreign countries will own America. Maybe he’s thinking of selling us out to Russia.

Then he went to “after birth execution” and taking away guns.

The “forgotten men and women” “will lose everything.” Then he went on to say how he was much more handsome than “the elites” and had “nicer properties than them.”

“We actually won on DACA yesterday.” “It’s like gee, come on back, your paperwork’s no good.” So “we’re gonna be refiling.” Great. We’ll see what that looks like.

“Biden is fully controlled by the fringe of his party. He doesn’t know where the hell he is, let’s face it.” Then he went on to say how “our country will have no energy” because “Oklahoma, Texas and North Dakota will go out of business.” Then he talked about windmills.

“Our country will be destroyed, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing — some of them do, but in a sinister way.” Then this one was great, “Racial justice begins with Joe Biden’s retirement from public life.” Projection, much?

Then he called out “great warriors” in the “fake impeachment trial” by name.

Trump then said that dictators used to come into the Oval Office and congratulate him on the economy and “then the plague came” but then he got “the single greatest number in the history of our country” which is his spin on a less apocalyptic figure on unemployment filings than expected. This was an anticipated talking point.

And of course taxes are going to be quadruped and everybody is going to lose their 401Ks if they don’t vote for Trump.

“You’ve always been a loser but under president Trump you’ve become such a great financial mind,” is a quote from Trump role playing two spouses talking about how they “don’t have the guts to vote against Trump.”

Trump claims that people were being lifted “from poverty to prosperity” at an incredible rate “before China sent us the plague. Thank you very much.” Then he went on to “we will finish the wall. 212 miles which is built and beautiful.” The length of the border is 1,954 miles.

Then Trump waxed Kennedy-esque and said that “the United States will be the first country to land on Mars.” Good. Take the red hatted people to the red planet and go there yourself, Donald.

Frankly, I’m amazed that anybody came or stayed. But one good thing. The crowd was cheering perfunctorily and probably on cue. None of the real vitriol like when Trump would hit a vein of hate in 2016 and the rage and vitriol would geyser to the surface. Trump may have lost his bite. He sounded more like an old fool than a dangerous demagogue tonight. We soon shall see.



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  1. Don’t know what happened to the 1million pond amoeba who applied for tickets to hear the human spitball’s lies and character assassination of people he’s scared of.

    Perhaps they got delayed because of the heavy traffic heading to the venue, or were scared off by those nasty placard waving protestors.

    At least those lucky few pond amoeba who did attend will have a memento of the night when Covid-19 symptoms appear in about a fortnight. Some of those may even still be alive to vote in November.

    • Pascale was trying to justify his salary, the two houses, the boat, the cars and whatnot. It looks like he may have exaggerated the expected turnout by just the slightest of margins.
      Gotta love when greed, incompetence and timing comes together to form one big mess the person in question can’t simply bag, sail out to sea and shove overboard.


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