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Popular vote loser Donald Trump, deal-maker, just shattered Obamacare. He holds the pieces in his tiny little vindictive hands and is telling Democrats that it’s on them to make him put those pieces back together. 

Okay, never mind the big lie that Obamacare is imploding. It was doing pretty damned well until he started destroying it, something that the public understands very well. To the tune of nearly 80 percent of the voting population, who want Trump to stop the sabotage and make the law work. What Trump is doing here is telling Democrats that he’s perfectly willing to hurt millions of people. Democrats have to negotiate for them, or he’ll just stomp them.

Maybe somewhere in his little overheated brain he realized that didn’t sound very presidential, so two hours later he came back to Twitter to play president again.

What Trump is doing is giving America bigger tax bills, causing premiums to increase by 20 percent next year and 25 percent by 2020, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Insurance companies have to recoup their losses. They do it by raising premiums and that means the amount that the government—taxpayers—has to pay in subsidies to make premiums affordable increases. By about $2.3 billion next year alone. 

Trump’s like all the other Republicans. He believes that the health care Americans deserve is the health care they can afford all on their own, even if that means having none at all. After all, if you’re sick and poor you must have done something to deserve your plight, so why the hell should he care.

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