Maybe this is one of those good news bad news scenarios. The good news is that Trump is making some feeble indication that he’s even aware that the country he was elected to lead is in massive despair and crisis right now. The bad news is that so much damage has already been done, since the midnight deadline has passed.

Well, that sure tells you a lot. Kind of like a game show host who teases what’s behind door number two.

Well, maybe this is a glass half empty glass half full scenario. The glass half empty is the fact that a week of unemployment benefits are gone because this jerk has to be a drama queen. The glass half full is that maybe congress doesn’t have to pass an emergency stop gap measure to keep the government from shutting down.


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  1. Did I read this temper tantrum is because his daughters money making program was removed from the bill???? Gotta keep baby girl happy.

  2. We’re still waiting for his much promised, really exciting and important news about his reforms of the taxation and the health care systems.


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