Trump takes no responsibility for lack of coronavirus testing or firing of pandemic response team

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Little man can’t be wrong …Q: “Do you take responsibility for the lag in #coronavirus testing?” Trump: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.”

REPORTER: “Dr. Fauci said earlier this week that the lag in testing was in fact a failing. Do you take responsibility for that, and when can you guarantee that every single American who needs a test will be able to have a test? What’s the date of that?”

TRUMP: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all because we were given a set of circumstances and we were given rules, regulations, and specifications from a different time — wasn’t meant for this kind of an event with the kind of numbers that we’re talking about, and what we’ve done is redesigned it very quickly with the help of the people behind me, and we’re now in very, very strong shape. I think we’ll be announcing, as I said, Sunday night. And this will start very quickly and we’ll have the ability to do in the millions over a very, very quick period of time.”

Okay, that’s some brazen lying, even for him. There were no regulations that prevented the Trump administration from rolling out tests sooner. That’s just made up. Plus, he’s been in office for three years. If he knew this could happen, why didn’t he change those nonexistent regulations sooner?

Also, this:

Face it, this limp squash noodle will never take responsibility for anything.

And nice to know testing will happen “very quickly.” Be a little more vague, dude.

We’re on our own, folks.

As if you didn’t know that already.


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3 Comments on "Trump takes no responsibility for lack of coronavirus testing or firing of pandemic response team"

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Karen Laakaniemi
Karen Laakaniemi

What a FAT F*CK-UP! Get the hell out of our sight, you incompetent criminal!!
And take your whole MALadministration with you, including your USELESS A-HOLE CHILDREN!!!

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

We as a country allowed this SOB to destroy us and we deserve whatever comes our way. He’s a worthless pig and if there was ever a creature deserving hell, it’s him. And I pray it’s soon.


Do I care if drumpf or any of his family contract this virus? Hell NO!!! They deserve everything that is coming to them.