Trump Takes No Responsibility For Coronavirus, Calls Question About Firing Pandemic Chief ‘Nasty’


If the shade of Harry Truman is wandering the White House, he’s probably ready to slap Donald Trump up the side of the head. Truman was famous for posting his sign, “The Buck Stops Here.” Even his political adversaries acknowledged that it was a good moral for any president to live by. Today, Trump got on the airwaves and told the American people that he had “two big words” for them, “national emergency.” Yep, those are poly-syllabic words alright, and to a man with a two hundred word vocabulary and whose expressive syntax runs along the lines of of See Spot Run, he probably was impressed that he could say them in the same sentence without stumbling.

The press conference went pretty much as you would expect. Trump was asked if he took responsibility for the failure of the coronavirus response. Hell, no. Him? Not my yob, mon. No, it was Obama’s job and he dropped the ball.

And it got better. Trump dismantled the pandemic response office, but when asked about that, he characterized the question as “nasty” and said he didn’t know anything about it. He fired Rear Admiral Rear Timothy Ziemer who was the head of the global health security team of the NSC and he didn’t replace his position — but probably Obama made him do it. I’m waiting for that line, I don’t think it can be too far off.

Trump lives in a world of self-imposed delusion. When he is out of the White House, which will take place, sooner or later, he will shuffle along the rest of his days talking about his “perfect” response to this or that, how he was the “best president” in history, and how reports of anything to the contrary are either the result of a deep state plot or fake news or both. This is the only way he can survive. If he had the psychological makeup of a normal person and the self-awareness and maturity of a ten-year-old, it would occur to him that taking responsibility for one’s errors in life is a sign of character, and one that gets respect.

Trump has never known, nor ever will know, what respect is. Respect is earned. Trump only knows what it is to inspire fear and compliance in toadies, or gin up his fans from the TV set to cheer for him. But nobody respects this guy. Donald Trump lives in an alternate reality and unfortunately he’s dragged America through the looking glass and in there with him. This can’t be over soon enough.


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